The Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement

Want to learn more about the Carnegie Classification? Check out the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education’s website.

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What is it?

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has two Elective Classifications: Community Engagement and Leadership for Public Purpose. Unlike the Basic Carnegie Classifications (R1, R2, etc.), Elective Classifications must be applied for and receive designation based on Carnegie’s review of application.

The Elective Classification For Community Engagement is “a way for Colleges and Universities in the US to gain recognition for institutionalizing community engagement.” Institutions must provide sufficient evidence of institutionalized engagement through established partnerships, recognition for engaged work, systematic assessment, and other examples of campus-wide engagement.

Why are we doing it?

Purdue University received the Elective Classification For Community Engagement during the 2008 cycle and was reclassified in 2015. You will find a list of institutions that currently classified by clicking here.

Due to changes in the cycle, campuses classified, or reclassified, in 2015 were given the option to apply to retain their classification in the 2024 or 2026 cycle. Purdue University did not apply for reclassification in 2024 (application deadline was May 2023) and must apply in the 2026 cycle to retain this designation.

How are we preparing for this process?

The Office of Engagement is leading the application process and has received support to create a campus-wide task force comprised of individuals who will serve as representatives of their respective units. This task force will meet once a month till the application deadline on April 1, 2025. The task force will focus on collecting community engagement data from across the University in fall 2024. Those interested in supporting this process, or have examples of engagement with community, can email Roberto Gallardo,

Task force contact information

Roberto Gallardo
Vice President for Engagement, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics
Rosanne Altstatt
Associate Dean for Community and Engagement for Honors College, Director of Leading Women Toward Space Careers
Jennifer Dobbs-Oates
Associate Vice Provost for World Readiness, Clinical Professor of HDFS
Melissa Gruver
Senior Associate Director for LEAD
Julie Huetteman
Coordinator-Exten Strategic Initiatives Agriculture Administration
David Robledo
Executive Director of External Data Analytics
Laura Todd
Assessment Specialist, Engagement + ExEd, IDA+A
Maria Wiltse
Evaluation Specialist for the PCRD and Office of Engagement