Graduate & Post-Doc Certificate Program

The purpose of the Graduate and Post-doctoral Certificate Program is to foster the development of engaged scholarship. If you are interested in helping solve societal problems, this professional development program will help increase knowledge, skills, and experience with incorporating your scholarly work into communities, click here to learn more.

Program focus:

Module 1History of community engaged scholarship
FoundationsVariations in community engaged scholarship
Module 2Initiating community partnerships
Community PartnershipsSustaining community partnerships
Techniques for community collaboration
Module 3Engaging with diverse communities
Criticality in community engagementCritical reflection and critical thinking
Ethics in community engaged scholarship
Module 4Asset-based community engagement
Approaches and perspectivesCapacity building for sustained change
Module 5Communicating with public audiences
Communication and scholarly skillsCommunicating with academic audiences
Module 6Evaluating community partnerships
Successful community engagement careersDocumenting and communicating accomplishments
Community engagement across the career span

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