Central Indiana Engagement

Central & West Central Indiana’s Boiler country concierge, partnering in giant leaps in our own backyard.


Our office builds bridges between the constituents of Central & West Central Indiana and the people, places, and projects of Purdue. Whether you’re already a well-connected partner seeking solutions to new challenges or new to Purdue and unsure what kinds of partnerships are possible, this office is your 411, first point of Purdue contact for leveraging all the resources of the university in your backyard.

We put our own Purdue (and Purdue-affiliate) network to work to make Boiler country small for you.

That might look like:

  • Fielding and funneling your questions about Purdue and Purdue partnership to the right place.
  • Translating your big ideas and current challenges into partnership opportunities.
  • Locating that Purdue person whose business card you misplaced.
  • Matchmaking, facilitating meetups, and taking the hard work out of growing your Purdue network.

If you were looking for your front door to Purdue, you’ve found it.


Don’t be a stranger. For workforce development resources, social impact collaborations, and Purdue navigation + introductions on any topic, contact Virginia Vought, Executive Director for Central Indiana Engagement, at vvought@purdue.edu.

That goes for you, too, Purdue faculty & staff – contact us to talk about engaging Central and West Central Indiana.


Within Indiana, our office works with:

  • Any constituent of the Central or West Central parts of the state – from the home campus in West Lafayette down the hard tech corridor to Purdue University in Indianapolis, and all the communities surrounding and in between.
  • Businesses of every size and stripe, from large corporations to mom-and-pop shops.
  • Public, private, philanthropic, and not-for-profit stakeholders, leaders, and organizations.

Including and beyond Indiana, our office works with:

  • Foundations, philanthropists, corporate social responsibility leaders, and social innovators who want to pair their social impact efforts with Purdue’s internationally renowned community engagement work.


What our partners (that’s you) do with Purdue:

  • Tap into the talent pipeline. Cultivate a talent pool through co-op and internship partnerships. Recruit Purdue graduates and alumni. Build brand recognition on campus with your future workforce.
  • Upskill your workforce or your own smart self. Leverage custom certification partnerships, online learning, no-cost workshops, and industry summits, to name a few.
  • Troubleshoot and innovate with a team of Boilermakers. In the classroom or in the field, team up with Purdue faculty, staff, and students to solve problems in your operations, industry, or the community at large.
  • Co-create a better world. Whether a better world to you boasts equitable access to healthcare, development of the next generation of rural entrepreneurs, broadband for all, food system safety and sustainability, a clearer Wabash River, or something entirely different, your next passion-project partner could be a Boilermaker changemaker (and a game-changer).


The Purdue Office of Engagement connects the university with communities and individuals in partnerships to make the world a more equitable, resilient and prosperous place for all, at home and across the globe. The Office fosters reciprocal relationships with external partners, leveraging university resources in teaching, research and engagement to solve societal challenges.