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The Faculty Mentoring Network

What We Do

The Teaching Academy organized the Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) to provide Purdue faculty of all ranks with an opportunity to work collaboratively to improve their teaching skills. The FMN complements existing departmental mentoring programs by providing mentors from diverse disciplines with experience, interests, and expertise in various types of pedagogical techniques and teaching contexts. It also organizes activities fostering educational creativity, innovation, and effectiveness both in and outside the classroom. The Faculty Mentoring Network’s goals are to:

  • Facilitate effective teaching and learning at the undergraduate, professional, and graduate levels
  • Develop a network for faculty to interact about teaching and scholarship
  • Develop a community of faculty who share a responsibility in learning
  • Strengthen the community of teacher-scholars
  • Help faculty learn the Purdue culture

How it Works

The FMN program facilitates the development of reciprocal relationships between faculty members seeking mentoring in teaching, scholarship, or the academic culture (mentees) and experienced faculty members who serve as teacher-scholar mentors. Mentoring relationships are the foundation of the program and may develop one-to-one or in small groups. Faculty mentors often come from different disciplines, providing new perspectives and insights into teaching strategies and a broader understanding of the Purdue culture.

  • Fellows of the Teaching Academy are invited to volunteer as mentors
  • A call-out for mentors and interested faculty is held during the fall semester
  • The concept and practice of mentoring is presented during the call-out meeting
  • Faculty are matched with mentors who have common interests
  • Mentors and faculty are asked to commit to monthly meetings
  • All mentors and faculty meet in the spring to share experiences and review the previous year

What Mentees Say

"Feels like I am in a great safety net - receiving mentoring as a new professor."

"The Faculty Mentoring Network came along at the right time. … I found it very helpful to discuss my development as an instructor and get feedback on other ways I could approach my classes.”

"The meetings I had with…my mentor were extremely helpful. It opened my eyes to the way other schools treat Promotion and Tenure. She informed me of how they treated the document and opened my eyes to items I never thought relevant which I should include in my P&T document. Her expertise in large lecture room teaching helped me to become a better instructor in my newly created large lecture class."

"I have gained so much through the conversations I have had through my mentor. He has answered questions I'd be reluctant to ask my colleagues, read and critiqued papers before I sent them out for peer review, and so much more."

"My mentor was a person outside of my program, department and even school who acted as a general sounding board for me. She was open to talking about… the culture of Purdue… issues to be thinking about while looking to tenure… life in general and balancing our work with our "real lives"…(and) student evaluations and the process of peer review. Overall, I learned a great deal."

"I was absolutely delighted with the experience. Not only was my mentor a wonderful source for teaching ideas, but he proved to be an insightful sounding board on the whole promotion and tenure process. I would recommend this program to all."

"We were both interested in helping students learn to apply their knowledge to real problems. His experiences with case studies helped me to develop ideas for using cases in my own courses." "It's good to meet people in the university who are quite removed from one's own field."

Who to Contact

Mickey Latour (Chair): mlatour@purdue.edu
Professor of Animal Science