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Professionalism and Expectations

What are some suggested do's and don'ts for fostering professionalism?


  • organize your course and content so that students can follow easily
  • present current or relevant research and examples, theory, and practice
  • respond to questions in a timely and respectful manner
  • be open to meeting the needs of diverse and special circumstance students
  • assess student progress, give constructive feedback, and make meaningful suggestions for fostering learning
  • Set and then follow your own standards
    • If you require cell phones and laptops turned off, turn yours off, etc.
    • If you require a specific dress code of students, exceed your own expectations, etc.
  • Maintain a positive, respectful, and inclusive attitude with all students, at all times
  • Be fair and equitable in the assessment and grading of all assignments
  • Provide a syllabus outline all of the expectations set forth for your students, as well as for yourself


  • Do not show favoritism
  • Do not speak about a student's personal issues in public, to another colleague, or to another student
  • Do not breach expectations of privacy
  • Do not belittle students when they ask or answer questions
  • Do not grade based on your personal affect towards a student or their demeanor