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EnCORE Interactive Theatre at Purdue offers a creative avenue to explore diversity in a teaching and learning environment.  Our mission is to enhance the CORE teaching and learning experience for national and international students, faculty, instructional staff, and administrators.  We strive to improve the overall institutional climate. 

Through a repertoire of short interactive scenes, encore offers the chance to examine challenging teaching and learning situations in which micro-aggressions, stereotype threats, diversity, and cultural differences are manifested.

enCORE was feautured in "The Chuck & Margaret's Show"


EnCORE scenes are built on experiences, best practices, and a strong research foundation. While these scenes begin as improvisational interpretations, they evolve into rehearsed scenarios that highlight the complexities and challenges of teaching, learning and living in a diverse environment. The scenes are designed to prompt reflection and discussion among audience members.

Each scene is followed by an opportunity for the audience to dialogue with the student actors, who stay in character.  A trained facilitator will guide the discussion with the audience and provide resources for the topic at hand.  In some performances, following the conversation with the audience, the scene is repeated, and the actors either incorporate the suggestions of the audience or audience members are invited to join the actors on stage to try these suggestions themselves. The objective is to VISUALIZE, CRITIQUE, & APPLY the material presented.

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List of Scenarios

Problems in the Classroom. A T.A. deals with a dysfunctional group, which includes problems between Chinese and American students working on a group project.

Study Group: Let the Asians Figure it out. A lazy study group leans on some Asian students in a higher math class to complete their math problems. A mutual friend is upset by their behavior.

Racist Roommate. An international student and her roommate argue about what is appropriate behavior in the room, with upsetting results.

Problems at Home. A student struggles to convince his mother that he does not want to be an engineering major. His friends and roommate try to help, with contrasting advice.

Coffee Talk. An argument ensues at a coffee shop after a raucous group of international students disrupt another group's study session.

Outing a Gay Friend. A student inadvertently outs his gay friend in public, causing conflict between the friends and those who hear the exchange.

Crusade at the Study Group. An atheist and a very religious student get into an argument at a study group, prompting the others to try to mediate this difficult situation.

Hitting on the T.A. An undergraduate student makes inappropriate comments to the T.A. in class and continues to pursue him/her, oblivious to the problematic situation.

Gender Bias with Lab Partners. Several male engineering students work on a lab report, excluding their female lab partner and dismissing her attempts to participate more fully.

Personal Questions with an Interviewee. A student escort asks inappropriate questions while taking a visiting African American woman to her next interview appointment on campus.

Gender & Racial Bias in a Committee Meeting. A faculty member in the biology department leads a committee meeting with some T.A.s, privileging input from the male T.A.s over that of the female T.A., who is also of a different race.

Custom Scenario. We can also create a new scenario, or alter one we have worked on to suit your needs. Please give us as much information as possible and allow time for us to develop the scene.

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