Questions about CoursEval

Student Responses

How do I demonstrate I have completed a survey?

  • When you log onto the evaluation site, you will see a screen that lists surveys you can complete. You will also see a link to Completed Surveys in the upper right hand corner. screenshot highlighting completed surveys link Upon clicking this link you will be taken to a screen with your name and a list of the evaluations you have completed. screenshot showing completed surveys
  • You can either print this page or save it as an html document and send it via email to your instructor.

Are results anonymous?

  • Confidentiality is the central tenet of the course evaluation system.
  • No individual is able to see ANY responses to an evaluation until grades have been submitted and finalized for the particular course.
  • The system does not allow an instructor to connect ANY quantitative responses with an individual student. Unless a student identifies him or herself in the written comments, qualitative responses are similarly assured of confidentiality

Who sees my responses?

  • Each instructor who is evaluated sees collective responses from all students who participated in the course evaluation
  • Department heads and program administrators are also granted access to evaluation results
  • Select faculty members or administrators may view some class results if they are serving in a supervisory capacity, such as a course or lab coordinator.

Why are some of my classes not listed?

  • Departments do not request evaluations from every class, especially if the class has low enrollment or is a graduate course.

Do I have to complete evaluations?

  • Purdue strongly encourages students to offer their input but does not mandate that students complete evaluations.
  • However, your individual instructor may require you submit an evaluation. How do I demonstrate I have completed a survey?

Why didn't I receive an email about evaluations?

  • The CoursEval system sends automatic emails to the official address listed in the Purdue Directory. You may wish to verify your directory information.
  • You may have a spam filter that is blocking the email. Please check your junk mail folder and spam protection settings.
  • You can still log into the system at any time by following the login link on this site.

Faculty Responses

How do I access results?

  • You may access online evaluation results by following the link to the CoursEval site and logging in with your career account and password

How do I access results from previous semesters?

  • You may view results from previous semesters by setting the "Year" and "Survey Period" to a particular semester. For example, 2010 in the "Year" menu and "SP10" in the "Survey Period" menu would allow you to view results from Spring of 2010.

When are results available?

  • Campus policy prohibits anyone from seeing evaluation results until grades have been submitted and finalized through Banner. Evaluation results will be available at 8 a.m. on the day after all grades are due for the semester.
  • If you were evaluated for a course that ended early in the semester, you will need to wait until after all semester grades have been submitted to view results.
  • Summer session evaluation results are available after the third module, when all grades are due.

How am I notified about my results?

  • You will receive an automated email with a link to the evaluation site once results have been released for the current semester

Who has access to the evaluation results?

  • Each instructor who was evaluated has access to responses for all questions concerning individual instructors and the course in which they were evaluated. Department/program heads also have access to results for all courses and instructors in the home department.
  • Departments may grant access for results of select course evaluations to other individuals, at the approval of the department/program head.

I supervise GTAs or instructors. Can I view the results of their evaluations?

  • Results are only released to persons for whom the department has granted access. Your department/program head may authorize you to view the results of certain instructors in certain course sections.
  • If you wish to view the evaluation results from GTAs or instructors your supervise, you should contact your department evaluation coordinator early in the semester.

Schedule & Responses

When Do Evaluations Run?

  • There are three standard evaluations periods, during weeks 6 & 7, weeks 8 & 9, and weeks 14 & 15 on the academic calendar.
  • Evaluations begin at 1 a.m. on Monday of the first week and end 14 days later, Sunday at 11 p.m.
  • Some professional schools have different evaluation periods to accommodate irregular course scheduling. Contact your department evaluation coordinator for details.

How do I know whether students are responding?

  • Instructors receive automated emails notifying them of the response rate for sections they teach or supervise.
  • Real-time response rate updates are also available at the course evaluation website. There you can find the number of students who have submitted responses out of the expected total of students enrolled.

Can I see which students have completed evaluations?

  • Names of individual students who have completed evaluations are not released to instructors
  • Students can self-report, by visiting the evaluation site and printing out the "Completed Surveys" page or saving it as an .html document and emailing it to the instructor.
  • To learn more, view the FAQ item on student instructions for self-reporting.

Why are there no comments on my evaluations?

  • The typed comments section is not required for students who complete an evaluation. It is possible no students provided typed feedback. If no students left comments, the typed comments section will not be listed on the evaluation report.

Can I see how an individual commenter responded to the Likert-scale questions?

  • Since demographic questions are included on the evaluations, in an effort to protect student confidentiality, links between written comments and quantitative responses have been removed from the CoursEval site.
  • Instructors may request an Excel output for an individual course where written comments are linked to quantitative responses by emailing the course and section number, instructor name and semester to

Submission Process

Why wasn't my course evaluated?

  • We only process course evaluation requests that are approved by the department/program head and submitted by the evaluation deadline. It is possible that your department/program did not request an evaluation for your course.
  • Your course may have an enrollment below 7 students, which is the threshold for statistically reliable results. Departments are not required to evaluate graduate courses or courses with 6 or fewer students.

How can I submit a request for a course to be evaluated?

  • Only the department/program head or the department evaluation coordinator may officially request an evaluation.
  • If you are concerned about your course and whether it is scheduled for an evaluation, contact your department's coordinator within the first few weeks of the semester.

What questions can I have on my evaluation form?

  • If your department allows instructors to choose their own questions, you may submit up to 36 total questions, including any required by your department or college.
  • You may use any of the statistically verified questions from the PICES catalogue of Likert-scale items or you may submit your own questions and/or response sets.
  • Contact your department evaluation coordinator for further information about using PICES items or submitting custom questions for an evaluation.

Are courses evaluated automatically?

  • No. Since course evaluations are assigned by departments, all courses are not automatically assigned to an evaluation.

Are there specific questions that must be asked?

  • All course evaluations include 8 standard questions, the two University "Core" items, four demographic questions used for research purposes, and two written prompts for student feedback.
  • In addition, some departments may have standard evaluation questions for some or all instructors.