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Seed for Success Acorn Awards

The Seed for Success Acorn Award is given to investigators in recognition of their accomplishment in obtaining an external sponsored award of $1 million or more. Please see lists of awardees by year. Individuals can only receive an award once.

2021 Seed for Success Acorn Awards

The research grants are in alphabetical order by the PI’s last name and are separated by award year.

  • * designates Seed for Success Acorn Award recipients
  • + designates those who have left Purdue
  • ^ indicates regional campuses


  • Angela R. Abbott, Blake A. Connolly*, Wanda J Stevens*, from U.S. Department of Agriculture, Indiana Nutrition Education Program: SNAP-Ed Plan 2021, $5,895,566

  • Mesut Akdere, Umit Karabiyik, Jin Kocsis*, from U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cyber Resilience Adaptive Virtual Reality Experiences (CRAVRE), $1,500,000.00

  • Brittany Allensworth*, from U.S. Department of Education, Horizons Student Support Services, $2,192,230.00

  • Saurabh Bagchi, Somali Chaterji, Mung Chiang*, David Iseri Inouye*, from U.S. Army, Secure, Real-Time, Distributed Decision-Making for the Autonomous Battlefield, $3,741,422

  • Saurabh Bagchi, Stephen L Harrell*+, Rajesh Kalyanam*, Xiaohui Carol Song, from National Science Foundation, CCRI: ENS: Collaborative Research: Open Computer System Usage Repository and Analytics Engine, $1,183,897

  • Arielle Borovsky*, from National Institute for Deafness and Communication Disorders, Lexico-semantic abilities in early language growth and delay, $3,050,172.00

  • Antonio Bianchi*, Jing Tian*, Dongyan Xu, from Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, DICER: Directed Compilation for Assured Patching, $3,869,729

  • Luciano Castillo*, from Office of Naval Research, Blue Integrated Partnerships (BIP): Mentoring the Medici Scholars to Solve Tomorrow's Big Challenges, $2,735,916.00

  • Leifu Chang*, from National Institute of General Medical Science, Molecular basis for CRISPR RNA-guided nucleic acid cleavage and DNA transposition, $1,705,317

  • Yong P. Chen, Arnab Banerjee*, Sunil A. Bhave, Alexandra Boltasseva, Xingshan Cui*, Sabre Kais, Rafael F. Lang*, Ruichao Ma*, Michael James Manfra, Leonid P. Rokhinson, Vladimir M.

  • Gaurav Chopra*, Riyi Shi, from U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Elucidating microglial immune regulation targets to remove protein aggregates in TBI, $1,300,000

  • Daniel A. Delaurentis, James Michael Goppert, Inseok Hwang, Shaoshuai Mou, Dengfeng Sun*, from National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Secure and Safe Assured Autonomy (Thrust 6 - Assured Autonomy of Aviation Transformation), $2,054,000.00

  • Ulrike Dydak, Aaron B. Bowman, Daniel Foti, Jonathan R. Kuhn^, Sa Liu*, Jae Hong Park*, Ellen M. Wells*, from National Institute of Environmental Health Science, Neuroimaging of Manganese Toxicity, $3,544,660.00

  • Beth Lynelle Hall*, from National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Regional Climate Center Services: Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC), $3,112,500

  • Carol A. Handwerker, Harvey Abramowitz^, John E. Blendell, Nikhilesh Chawla*, Ganesh Subbarayan-Shastri, from Department of the Army/ Advanced Technology International, USPAE Proposal to CIR CS-20-1302 for Lead Free Defense Electronics, $26,000,000.00

  • Thomas W. Hertel, Raquel Asencio*+, Xiaohui Carol Song, from National Science Foundation, AccelNet: GLASSNET: Networking Global to Local Analyses to Inform Sustainable Investments in Land and Water Resources, $1,999,991.00

  • Inseok Hwang, James Michael Goppert*, Dongyan Xu, from Technology Innovation Institute, Cybersecurity for UAS Operations in Urban Environment, $2,012,574.00

  • Hyunyoung Jeong*, from National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Molecular basis of altered drug metabolism during pregnancy, $1,243,534.00

  • Sarah Karalunas*, Sean P. Lane, from National Institute of Mental Health, Biobehavioral validation of the ADHD emotion dysregulation phenotype, $3,551,472.00

  • Shihuan Kuang, Luiz Fernando Brito*, Matthew Olson*, Timothy Ratliff, from National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), Immunomyoblasts in muscle regeneration, $2,628,475.00

  • Xiaojun Lin*, Dionysios Aliprantis*, Lu Liu*, Gesualdo Scutari*, from U.S. Department of Energy, Communication-Constrained Robust Control and Learning of Grid-Connected IoT, $1,850,000.00

  • Jacqueline C. Linnes, Sulma I. Mohammed*, from National Cancer Institute, Point-of-care screening test for early cervical cancer detection, $1,996,330.00

  • Xing Liu*, from National Institute of General Medical Science, Regulatory Mechanism of Cullin-RING Ubiquitin Ligases, $1,880,740.00

  • Ajay P. Malshe*, Yung C. Shin, from Army Research Laboratory, Convergent manufacturing platform (CMP) for hybrid processing of heterogeneous structures, $5,051,004.00

  • Susan M. Mendrysa, Latonia L. Craig, Marxa L. Figueiredo, Harm Hogenesch, Loran Carleton Parker, Malathi Raghavan*, from National Institute of General Medical Science, Purdue PREP for Translational Biomedical Sciences, $1,193,892.00

  • Nathan Mentzer*, from National Science Foundation, Learning by evaluating (LbE): Engaging students in evaluation as a pedagogical strategy to improve design thinking, $1,257,321.00

  • Timothy J. Newby*, Kharon D. Grimmet*, Adrie Anne Koehler-Blair*, Patricia M. Morita-Mullaney, Jennifer C. Richardson, from Indiana Department of Education, Becoming an online teacher - even when I didn't sign up for it, $1,548,823.68

  • David J. Purpura, Robert J. Duncan*, Sarah Henkel Eason*, Sara A. Schmitt, from NewSchools Venture Fund, My Math Stories: Taking My Place in Our Mathematical World, $2,000,000.00

  • Timothy L. Ratliff, Majid Kazemian, Nadia Atallah Lanman*, Jiang Yang*, from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Impact of Inflammation on Adult Prostate Stem Cells, $3,561,043.00

  • Vitaliy L. Rayz*, Bruce A. Craig, Pavlos Vlachos, from National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, Risk Assessment of Cerebral Aneurysm Growth with 4D flow MRI, $2,635,330.00

  • Sandra San Miguel*, Wilella Daniels Burgess, Ladawn T. Lyle*+, Martha Lindley McDavid*, Loran Carleton Parker, Micha C. Simons+, from National Institute of General Medical Science, See Us-Be Us: Inspiring future veterinarians using a Veterinary STEM Ecosystem, $1,350,000.00

  • Brett Savoie, Julia Laskin*, Jianguo Mei*, from Office of Naval Research, An Informatics Paradigm for Predicting Organic Chemical Stability, $7,483,688.00

  • Steven F. Son, Timothy D. Manship*, Alejandro H. Strachan, from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Characterization of Novel Energetic Material with Sub-scale Experiments Correlated to Large Scale Tests Using Machine Learning, $1,436,144.00

  • Zoe E. Taylor*, Yumary Ruiz*, J. Jill Suitor, from National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD), Mental and Physical Health in Children of Latino Migrant Farm Workers: A Multi-Level Longitudinal Examination of Risk and Resilience Factors, $3,138,472.00

  • Roger L. Tormoehlen*, William E. Field, from National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Gearing Up for Youth Education and Development for Employment in Agriculture, $2,254,000.00

  • Darci J. Trader*+, from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Monitoring and Manipulating the Activity of the Immunoproteasome with Small Molecules, $1,865,693.00

  • Danzhou Yang, Herman O. Sintim*, from National Cancer Institute, Targeting MYC promoter G-quadruplex for MYC inhibition by Indenoisoquinolines, $1,949,970.00

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