Public Health & Health Administration

Public health actually encompasses a number of fields. Careers in public health include protecting people from environmental hazards, studying how a disease moves through a population, creating policies to vaccinate people during an outbreak, creating health messages and programming events to teach communities about their health. Most jobs in the public health area will require at least a master's in public health (MPH), though a doctoral level degree is also offered. Some jobs are also available with an undergraduate degree in public health. While not all public health programs are CEPH accredited, some government positions will require that employees be from CEPH accredited programs.

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Healthcare administrators impact the lives of many people by providing health planning services, policy formation and analysis, organizational structure, and asset and risk management. Careers in this field require professionalism, leadership skills, and an understanding of the complexities of healthcare delivery with its specialized language, financial structure, and politics. Entry level positions are available with a bachelor's degree, but better positions come with a master's degree. People enter the field with a Master of Health Administration (MHA), a Master of Public Health (MPH), or a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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