Genetic Counseling & Transplantation and Donation Science

Genetic Counselors combine their knowledge of basic science, medical genetics and counseling theory with their skills in genetic assessment, education, and interpersonal communication to provide services to clients and families. Genetic counseling is a process of educating families about their chances of passing on genetic predispositions or disorders to children or of having inherited disorders. By providing information about the implications of genetic conditions, genetic counselors help individuals and families make informed medical and personal decisions.

Required undergraduate courses and additional information

The University of Toledo offers the first and only academic program that prepares people to coordinate and oversee organ donation and the transplantation process. This master's degree program prepares Organ and Tissue Donation Coordinators who facilitate the organ donation process. They educate donor's families, work with the coroner's office, the medical and nursing staff, and they communicate with the organ procurement organization and ultimately the transplant surgeons. Coordinators interact with people at a tremendously sensitive time. They must skillfully and diplomatically handle issues to achieve a successful organ transplant.

Transplantation and Donation Science