Purdue Day of Giving Inspires PMO Day of Service

Picture of PMO students and staff at Prophetstown State Park

PMO students and staff at Prophetstown State Park.

In honor of our supporters’ generosity on Purdue Day of Giving, PMO students and staff participated in the inaugural Day of Service on April 29, 2022.

Spearheaded by PMO Administrative Assistant Lead Kris Webster, the Day of Service encouraged PMO students and staff to participate in several philanthropic volunteer activities benefitting local organizations in Greater Lafayette.

“The Greater Lafayette community has so many service organizations that need willing participants to volunteer their time, and we were able to provide a valuable learning experience for our students and staff that you can’t find in a textbook or on the stage,” Webster said.

The outpouring of generosity from PMO supporters on Purdue Day of Giving inspired our students and staff to “pay it forward” and support local organizations, including Food Finders Food Bank and Prophetstown State Park.

In one day, PMO volunteers sorted 2,839 pounds of food and served 455 households at Food Finders Food Bank and planted 500 new trees in Prophetstown State Park.

“Our alumni and donors provide PMO with so many amazing opportunities throughout the year so it only made sense for our students and staff to give back our time to two great local organizations,” Webster says. “What we did in one day will have so many lasting effects on our community.”

PMO would like to thank everyone who volunteered at this year’s event, and special thanks to the generous PMO supporters who donated on Purdue Day of Giving. Due to the success of this event, we plan to make “PMO Day of Service” a yearly occurrence, so stay tuned for more volunteer opportunities in the future!