License Plate Recognition

What is License Plate Recognition (LPR)?

As of August 15, 2018, your license plate is your parking permit. 

With License Plate Recognition, parking enforcement vehicles now have readers installed on the front corners of the roof that scan the license plates of parked vehicles facing the drive lane. Once a plate is scanned and read by the software the information is sent to the secured parking database for validation. This happens instantaneously, allowing the enforcement officers to cover the entire campus multiple times per day.

Multiple Vehicles

University faculty and staff

Faculty and staff are able to register an unlimited number of vehicles to their online parking profile, but a maximum of three vehicles can be linked to one permit. Of the three linked vehicles, only one may be parked on campus at a time to avoid receiving a citation.

Motorcycles are considered one of your vehicles if you link it to your parking permit. You are able to access the online parking portal anytime to add or remove vehicles (including motorcycles or rentals) from your account and/or permit using directions provided in the next section.


Students may only register one vehicle per permit. You are able to add the vehicle by accessing the online parking portal with the instructions provided in the next section. If you wish to change the vehicle registered to your parking permit, submit the change online to be approved by Parking Facilities. Until approved, please continue to use the vehicle already linked to your permit. In time-sensitive situations, please contact Parking Facilities for assistance with linked vehicles.

Vehicle License Plate Registration

Students, faculty and staff can access the online Parking Portal to add, edit or delete vehicles from their account by following the steps listed below. All vehicles parked on campus must be registered online for License Plate Recognition no later than August 15, 2018 to avoid receiving a citation.

License Plate Recognition take a picture of your license plate campaign

  • To ensure you have your vehicle information readily available prior to registration, Parking Facilities recommends taking a picture of your license plate to use as a personal reference material. 
  • Visit the online Parking Portal at

  • Select "Vehicles" from the top navigation section of the webpage.

  • Login with Purdue career account credentials.

  • Click "Add Vehicle" to add a vehicle to the account, or click the underlined license plate number of an existing vehicle to edit the information.

  • Click "Permits" in the top navigation bar, followed by "View Your Permits."

  • Select a permit number listed.

  • Click "Add Vehicles to Permit" at the bottom of the page.

  • Check the box next to the vehicle(s) to be associated with the permit and select "Add the selected vehicle."

Parking in Gated Garages

Individuals with an "A" or "Reserved" permit only will receive a physical parking pass, known as a garage access card, which allows swipe access to the gated garages. These will be sent to eligible individuals through campus mail beginning August 1. Individuals should purchase a new parking permit by August 9, 2018 to receive a garage access card and be able to park in the gated garages on and after August 15.

Phase II of the project, expected to be complete later in fall 2018, will install LPR readers in the gated garages, which would no longer require a physical permit to be swiped to enter and exit. Following Phase II implementation, garage access cards should be retained by the assigned individual and used to obtain access to gated garages in the event of a LPR system outage.

Visitors will continue to use the ticket system for the Harrison Street and Grant Street Parking Garages; that will not be changing, even when Phase II of the project is implemented.

Enforcement and Parking

The license plate is the parking permit and anyone who parks on campus must have a valid permit and link their vehicle(s) to their account.

The purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of the license plate and vehicle information in the parking portal at the time a permit is issued. Citations will be issued to the vehicle owner if inaccurate license plate information is self-reported in the parking portal or parking enforcement staff are unable to scan a license plate when the vehicle is parked. License plates must face the drive lane to be scanned for compliance.

Department Shared "A" Permits

Parking Facilities contacted affected departments in July 2018 to communicate the process for department shared "A" permits. Departments that were not contacted by Parking Facilities should contact the office for assistance with shared "A" permits.

Two Family Members — Both Employees of Purdue

If two family members share vehicles and each has a permit, both vehicles can be registered to both accounts, and both vehicles may be parked on campus at the same time. However, if one person has an "A" permit and the other has a "B" permit, only one vehicle may park in an "A" parking space at a time. Both cars may be parked on campus at the same time if one is in an "A" space and the other is in a "B" space, or if either one or both are in a "B" space since people with an "A" Permit are allowed to park in an "A," "B" or "C" spaces.

Temporary Plates

Temporary, paper license plates on new vehicles need to be registered online and linked to an individual's permit to avoid receiving a citation. Once permanent plate have been obtained, they should be added to the permit online. The temporary plate should be removed from both the permit and the parking profile.

Rental Vehicles

As is the case with any other vehicle, rental vehicles need to be registered online and linked to an individual's permit. When the rental vehicle has been returned and is no longer in use, the information for the rental should be removed from both the permit and the parking profile as it may be rented and parked on campus by a different driver in the future.


Vehicles that previously received get an adhesive, unsecured permit (i.e. motorcycles and convertibles) will no longer get them. Just add the license plate information of those vehicles to your main permit through the online parking portal. Due to the volume of motorcycle makes and models available, select "Other" if your motorcycle is not included in our vehicle database. 

Personal Data Retention

Vehicle information is routed to secure servers and is not shared with other departments or outside agencies.

Vehicle information is stored as long as the permit is valid. For imaged reads that are in compliance, a weekly purge will take place. For imaged reads that are directly connected to a citation, the server will purge the image data associated with that citation within 60 days of ticket payment or final resolution.

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