Brightspace Innovation Program announces new grant awardee 

A Purdue Fort Wayne project to incorporate story-based pedagogy in engineering classes has been selected for a Brightspace Innovation Program grant by Purdue’s Brightspace team. 

Brightspace is Purdue’s learning management system. The Brightspace Innovation Program grants are designed to encourage the leveraging of Brightspace to promote high-quality instruction, improve outcomes for instructors and students, or foster new and emerging approaches to teaching and learning. 

The program is open to faculty and staff at Purdue West Lafayette, Purdue Fort Wayne, Purdue Northwest and Purdue Global. The grants fund costs needed to advance the goals outlined in the grant proposal and can run up to two years to allow sufficient time to develop and implement the proposal idea and assess the project outcomes. 

A project from Purdue Fort Wayne, titled “Brightspace Narratives: Igniting Engineering Education with Story-Based Pedagogy,” received the award this time. Claudio Freitas, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, leads the project. 

The project focuses on understanding how burgeoning technologies such as AI can lead to modified or new pedagogies. It will use Brightspace’s technological capabilities to incorporate an innovative story-based narrative pedagogy in the engineering classroom. A grant of $10,488 From the innovation program will help advance those goals. 

For proposal submission and other information about the Brightspace Innovation Program, visit the program’s webpage