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General Information

Both the Employee Handbook and the University Policy Office provide guidance for all employees. The below information provides additional work environment topics, such as security, safety, adverse weather, and employee relations.  

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Protecting Information - Topics include:
Safeguarding Our Work Environment - Topics include:
Assisting Employees - Topics included:

Security - Information

Purdue employees are responsible for protecting University information and property. security.png

Secure Purdue furthers Purdue’s mission by protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of University information and technology assets. Data classification and handling procedures also protect employee records.

  • To learn how to submit a security incident, change your password or review Purdue’s data classification and handling procedures view the Secure Purdue website.
  • To learn more about public record requests questions, HIPPA Act and training, contact Office of Legal Counsel.

Insurance – Purdue Property and Vehicles

Insurance.pngThe Office of Risk Management outlines insurance programs related to University property, including University owned vehicles. International travel and evacuation processes are also covered.

Injuries - Employees (Workers Compensation)

The Worker's Compensation and Occupational Disease Act of Indiana provides protection for employees who experience an injury arising out of and injury.png in the course of employment.  See  Worker’s Compensation webpage to learn more about injury coverage, claim processing and more.

Adverse Weather

adverse.pngThe Adverse Weather Conditions policy defines adverse weather and processes. The Emergency Preparedness and Planning Office provide further guidance to receive alerts, review procedures and guidelines. All new employees are encouraged to sign up for Purdue-Alert text messaging.

Alcohol and Drug Free Campus

Purdue is committed to providing students, faculty, staff, and visitors a safe and healthful campus and workplace. The University recognizes the health risks associated with controlled substance use and alcohol misuse and is committed to supporting students and employees who seek treatment for these conditions. The University also recognizes that controlled substance use and alcohol misuse diminish workplace and campus safety and undermine the University's ability to fulfill its missions of education, research, and service. Visit the Alcohol- and Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy for more information.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Individuals employed as commercial motor vehicle operators are governed by the US Department of Transportation regulations and are subject to drug and alcohol testing procedures developed by Human Resources. The Employee Relations Administrator is available to assist supervisors and employees with questions regarding these regulations and procedures by calling (765) 494-0269.

Equal Opportunity, Equal Access and Affirmative Action

The Equal Opportunity, Equal Access and Affirmative Action policy outlines Purdue commitment to maintaining an inclusive community that recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of every person; fosters tolerance, sensitivity, understanding and mutual respect among its members; and encourages each individual to strive to reach his or her own potential. Follow the Procedures for Resolving Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment.


Resolving Grievance Issues

All employees are encouraged to seek and obtain answers to questions or concerns relating to their employment and working conditions through normal, day-to-day supervisory contacts and channels. However, when informal discussions are not resolved to the employee’s satisfaction and the matter meets the definition of a Dispute, staff members may utilize the dispute resolution policy and procedures. Staff Members should review and consider the following:

EAP – Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program offers confidential and professional on-site counseling and referral services to benefits-eligible employees. It also provides service to dependents covered on a Purdue medical plan. Employees are entitled to go to the first appointment in paid status. All other appointments are to be taken as either sick leave or vacation. Employee Assistance is available to help employees address a wide range of issues, whether they relate to an employee's personal life, family or job.

Reasonable Accommodations (ADA)

Individuals who are employed at Purdue University, who believe they may be a person with a disability and would like to request reasonable accommodation(s) under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), are encouraged to complete the Reasonable Accommodation Request Form and meet with an evaluator. The accommodation process applies to all Purdue University employees including temporary and student employees. Other resources include the Fitness for Duty Employee Guidance.

See the “ADA/ADAA Protection & Accommodations for Disabled Employees & Applicants” web page for more information.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

The verification is completed during the new or re-hire process. Employees will be notified when a reverification is required due to expired identification documentation or other employment changes.

View more information on verification.