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Employee Development

Employees and their supervisors can take the next step together in employee development by incorporating online learning courses available through Linked In Learning or completing the American Management Association (AMA) courses available through our SuccessFactors Learning. They can even use the Talent Share job rotation program to gain hands-on experience through a different department. Many of our employees have taken the next giant leap and have successfully pursued a degree program through Purdue Global. All of these opportunities can become professional/career development goals for performance appraisals.

Contact your HR Business Partner or The Leadership and Organizational Development Team for additional guidance.

New Employee Experience
New Employee Experience

The first year starts with an Onboarding Guide for employees and supervisors to help track progress.

Goals and Development
Goals and Development

Employees and supervisors establish goals, including career development, at the beginning of the performance cycle.

Online Learning and Development

All employees have access to over 16,000 courses with LinkedIn Learning courses through SuccessFactors Learning.

Talent Share 2.0
Job Rotation - Talent Share Program

Supervisors can help employees gain hands-on experience across the campus through this program.

Business Process, System and Regulatory Training
Business Process, Training and Communication

Human Resource processes such as timekeeping, time off, promotion, and offboarding.

Career Path
Career Paths

The job family structure, career path maker and career stream comparison tool help supervisors and employees discuss and create career plans.

Continued Education
Continued Education

Find a degree program through Purdue Global or utilize fee remissions.

Supervisor Training and Resources
Supervisor Training and Resources

Supervisors have access to a Toolkit, Monthly Training Focus and the AMA Management Body of Knowledge.