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Awards and Recognitions

Below are helpful resources for some of the Human Resources sponsored awards and employee recognition. There are also college-specific employee appreciation or recognition programs that are normally communicated by the Dean or Department Head.

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Here’s your chance to reward a stand-out accomplishment or over-the-top achievement by nominating a Purdue faculty or staff member for a Bravo Award. Purdue University’s Bravo Award+ Program serves to recognize the excellence that exists among employees across the University.

Bravo is an after-the-fact discretionary award program that lets employees know that someone has noticed their noteworthy contribution. At the same time, it reinforces the values and behaviors that are important to the University.

 Click  here to learn more or to nominate an employee for the Bravo award.

MaPSAC and CSSAC, our employee organization, recognize and sponsor two awards annually:

  • Fall: The Community Spirit Award award seeks to recognize Purdue employees' outstanding service to the community, society and humanity. 
    • The Community Spirit Award, presented in cooperation with CSSAC, recognizes significant contributions of Purdue University staff employees to the life and welfare of the local community and its people.
  • Spring: The Excellence Awards - recognize demonstrations of excellence through customer service, leadership and/or consistently going beyond the job requirements. 
    • The MaPSAC Excellence Award
      • Each eligible application is reviewed by MaPSAC’s Professional Development subcommittee. Please see the Grant Review Process for additional details.
    • The CSSAC Excellence Award
      • Selection will be based on the degree to which the recipient, in service to the University community, demonstrates those qualities listed above. The nominee must have completed three years of continuous service to the University prior to nomination.

Faculty Awards and Honors information is available on the Office of the Provost web page.

View information regarding the Vice Provost for Student Life - Student Employee Recognition. There are several awards and opportunities to recognize our student employees.

To express appreciation to staff with milestone service anniversaries each year, the university awards a certificate of appreciation and offers staff the opportunity to select an award.

2023 Recognition Award listings