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Onboarding New Employees

 Onboarding new hires contains three important elements. 

  1. Onboard new employees with a welcome message.
  2. Learn what a new hire will experience next, so you can help adjust their calendar.
  3. Take advantage of resources that will assist the new hire in getting off to a great start.

Click the following subject to review the appropriate resources. You owe it to your new colleague to make sure that they have a good first day, week, and year.

Those that can initiate requisitions in the recruitment process can also complete tasks in onboarding. This is often done by the area’s administrative assistant, but sometimes by the supervisor. Completing section two of the I-9 is also included in the SuccessFactors Onboarding module. There are I-9 Verifiers available in each employment center that will complete this task. 

Onboarding coordinators complete the following tasks, when applicable:

  1. New Employee Welcome Message (outside of SuccessFactors)
  2. Recommended Links for new employee
  3. Assigned Peer Mentor (or someone they can ask questions during their first week)

Helpful or Training Resources

  • Review the Hiring Supervisors and Onboarding Coordinators First Steps to review new hire wizard, Form I-9 appointments and more.
  • Provide the New First Steps Link to the new hire - so they know what to expect.
  • After accepting the offer letter, the new hire receives an email to the data collection wizard. Once that is complete they receive another email linking to this Welcome web page that provide helpful information in order to create their career account and password and access systems.