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Onboarding Processes


Supervisors and Managers are responsible for welcoming new hires and providing important information, training plan and other resources. View New Employee Information webpage.

Onboarding Coordinators 

The final step in the recruitment process is utilizing an onboarding coordinator to continue the process in SuccessFactors, but also to assist with other new hire tasks.

Onboarding Coordinator Role in SuccessFactors 

Those that can initiate requisitions in the recruitment process can also complete tasks in onboarding. This is often done by the area’s administrative assistant, but sometimes by the supervisor. Completing section two of the I-9 is also included in the SuccessFactors Onboarding module. There are I-9 Verifiers available in each payroll or employment center that will complete this task. 

Onboarding coordinators complete the following tasks, when applicable:

  1. New Employee Welcome Message
  2. Recommended Links for new employee
  3. Scheduled Meetings for new employee, when applicable
  4. Assigned Peer Mentor (or someone they can ask questions during their first week)

Helpful Resources

SuccessFactors Training Resources

Information Regarding New Hires

  • New hires will go to their college's or area’s payroll center to complete section 2 of their I-9.
  • Supervisors can monitor progress through the onboarding dashboard in SuccessFactors.
  • New hires may need reminders to complete their new hire wizard via the email sent to them when they accept the offer and the recruiter moves them from recruiting to onboarding within SuccessFactors.