Human Resources Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals For You

Human Resources Teams

Human Resources is a combination of teams that help faculty and staff do their best work by managing benefits, onboarding and recruiting and other aspects of working at Purdue.

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Focus: Health and insurance benefits, retirement, workers compensation, health savings accounts, leaves/time off/disability and the Healthy Boiler Program.


Name Title Email Phone
Bradshaw, Monica Leaves Manager 765-496-3152
Canarecci, Angi Assistant, LOA 765-496-9050
Doyle, Linda Leave of Absence Coordinator 765-496-6269
Elliott, Sarah Senior Benefits Coordinator, Disability & Worker’s Compensation 765-496-5049
Erdman, Sheryl Leave of Absence Coordinator 765-494-1421
Fitz, Shelby Benefits Service Coordinator 765-494-4218
Greear, Rhonda Benefits Service Coordinator 765-494-6683
Gulbranson, Janine Retirement Program Administrator 765-494-7410
Guy, Cindy Senior Benefits Administrator, Disability & Worker’s Compensation 765-494-7388
Hirons, Mackenzie Lead Benefits Coordinator 765-496-4045
Hurni, Mike Associate Benefits Administrator, Health and Wellness 765-496-7958
Ince, Susan Benefits Specialist 765-496-1964
LaMar, Kate Benefits Specialist 765-494-1694
Leon, Lindsay Service Center Administrator 765-494-9862
Miller, Kensey Benefits Service Coordinator 765-496-0122
Patton, Paula Associate Benefits Administrator 765-494-4768
Randall, Sara Benefits Data Manager 765-494-7383
Royer, Brandy Assistant Director, Benefits Administration 765-494-6121
Schnarr, Teresa Associate Director, Benefits Service Center 765-494-9514
Shaffer, Candace Senior Director, Benefits 765-496-8621
Stephens, Cindy Leave of Absence Coordinator 765-494-6832
Synesael, Tammy Business Analyst - Benefits 765-494-0838
Wallace, Pinnie Benefits Coordinator 765-494-1686
Whited, Tammy Benefits Administrator, Health & Wellness 765-494-8522
Zentner, Kyle Lead Benefits Coordinator 765-496-4045
Compensation and HR Reporting Team

Focus:  Staff compensation guidelines, job family structure and pay bands, position management, merit process and HR data management


Name Title Email Phone
Clark, James Director, Compensation 765-496-3602
Gray, Cheryl HR Data & Security Steward, Lead 765-496-0380
Farr, Lisa Sr. Data Analyst
Gregory, Kelsey Compensation Analyst 765-494-5073
Helfrich, Jennifer Sr. Manager, HR Data & Analytics 765-496-0466
Rosner, Kathyrn Compensation Analyst 765-496-3086
Schultz-Cory, Julie Sr. Compensation/Organizational Management Specialist  765-494-7394
Whitlock, Lisa Sr. Compensation Specialist 765-496-2545
Ott, Anthony Business Analyst, Reporting 765-494-7387
Executive Team

Focus:  The leaders of each team, along with the Vice President of HR, collaborate for strategic vision and planning and overall human resources management


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Name Title Email Phone
Adeniyi, Adedayo Director, Leadership & Organizational Development 765-494-1683
Baer, Linda Assistant Director, Process Improvement 765-496-7863
Bell, Bill Vice President for Human Resources 765-494-7395
Boyle, Amy Senior Director, Human Resources 765-494-7408
Chen, Shan Senior Administrative Assistant and HR Coordinator 765-494-7395
Coulson, Brenda Director, Talent Acquisition 765-494-0603
Shaffer, Candace Senior Director, Benefits 765-496-8621
Steele, Sasse HR Strategy and Planning Lead 765-496-7752


Faculty Dual Career and Relocation Services

Focus: Offers concierge services to help faculty settle in the area and assist their partners with employment searches


Name Title Email Phone
Jordan, Jessica Dual Career & Relocation Specialist  765-494-1433


HR Business Partners

Focus: Consult with leadership, managers or supervisor for HR strategic planning, individual or team performance improvements, employee relations, disciplinary guidance, reduction in force procedures


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Name Title Email Phone
Beaver, Janice Lead HR Business Partner 765-496-3879
Bivin, Tera Sr. Business Partner 765-494-0016
Boyle, Amy Sr. Associate Vice President 765-494-7408
Brown, Bryan HR Business Partner 765-494-4574
Henderson, Desiree HR Business Partner 765-494-6278
Jansen, Michelle Director, Human Resources 765-494-6772
Lane, Kristina Sr. HR Business Partner 765-494-6101
Lynn, Jill Sr. HR Business Partner 765-494-7398
Martin, Kent Sr. HR Business Partner 765-494-5368
Metzinger, Jan Associate Athletics Director – HR 765-494-5223
Prochno, Katherine Lead HR Business Partner 765-494-3678
Ratcliff, Lauren Sr. HR Business Partner 765-494-0106
Sailors, Justine HR Business Partner 765-494-0113
Scheffee, Adam Director Human Resources 765-494-0034
Schroeder, Lisa Sr. HR Business Partner 765-494-5960
Smit, Laurie Lead HR Business Partner 765-496-7260
Wade, Matt HR Business Partner 765-496-6292
Walker, Shenika Sr. HR Business Partner 765-496-3219
Leadership and Organizational Development

Focus: Leadership development, professional development, goals and performance, service awards, Spring Fling, assists APSAC and CSSAC


Name Title Email Phone
Adeniyi, Adedayo Director, Leadership & Organizational Development 765-494-1683
Adu, Enoch Instructional Training Specialist 765-494-5063
Hanson, Carrie Senior Talent Management Specialist 765-494-7397
McCan, Sean Senior Organizational Development Specialist 765-494-5898
Miller, Kristen Associate Talent Management Specialist 765-496-5747
Organizational Effectiveness

Focus: Communication, change management initiatives, process improvement, HR or SuccessFactors-related training resources and process documentation


Name Title Email Phone
Baer, Linda Assistant Director, Change, Training and Process Improvement 765-496-7863
Blankenship, Kerry Organizational Effectiveness Communication Specialist 765-496-3577
Bryant, Cindy Senior Manager, HR Communications and Change Management 765-496-7432
Cline, Cathleen Communication Designer/Trainer 765-496-1855
Kindel, Maelee Instructional Designer 765-496-0141
McPhail, Rodney Graphic Designer 765-496-6630
Moscrip, Dorothy (Cindy) Senior Organizational Development Specialist 765-494-0165
Warren Lobody, Michelle Senior HR Communication Specialist 765-494-7413


Payroll and Tax

Focus: Pay processes including timekeeping, employee or payroll-related actions, personnel actions including terminations, employment taxes, W-2, I-9


Name Title Email Phone
Becker, Megan Payroll Administrator 765-494-2044
Coleman, Jane Payroll and Non-Resident Tax Manager 765-496-2344
Dilley, Stacie Sr. Timekeeping Technician 765-494-1698
Eberhardt, Kelly Payroll Administrator, Senior 765-494-1695
Grider, Abigail I-9 Business Analyst and Training Administrator 765-496-9065
Muller, Kristine Payroll Appointment Specialist
Mullins, Donna I-9 Specialist 765-494-6765
Osiecki, Pat PG I-9 and Payroll Tax Support Specialist 765-496-5040
Poore, Brittany Supervisor, Payroll Appointment Specialist  765-494-5309
Seef, Tricia Payroll Appointment Specialist 765-494-2182
Smith, Ashlee Business Analyst - Payroll 765-496-7083
Wang, Bailey Payroll Appointment Specialist 765-496-9264
Welnoski, Stephanie Timekeeping Administrator 765-494-6118
Wilken, Jennifer Manager, Payroll & Time Operations 765-494-6829
Wilson, Christina Payroll Appointment Specialist 765-494-1224


Talent Acquisition

Focus: Serves applicants and hiring supervisors by guiding them through the hiring process; recruiter for all staff positions


Name Title Email Phone
Arnold, Haley Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-496-7265

Bennett, Brandon

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Boone, Monica Talent Acquisition Coordinator 765-494-0097
Collins, Hillary Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Coulson, Brenda Director, Talent Acquisition 765-494-0603
Cruz, Wilfrido (Willie) Senior Diversity Recruiter 765-494-0922
Dixon-Jacobs, Nichole Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-494-5642
Ferguson, Stephanie Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist  765-494-9418
Flemming, Michele Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-496-7259
Grant, Kami Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-496-5264
Hill, Gabrielle (Gabbi) Talent Acquisition Coordinator 765-494-4172
Johnson, Aubry Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-494-0208
Jones, Breanna Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-494-9513
Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-494-6074
Mitchell, Darrell Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-494-7418
Morris, Marcia HR Specialist 765-494-1421
Previs, Ashlin Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-494-6953
Sackett, Larri Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-494-5084
Stevens, Richard (Ricky) Talent Acquisition Specialist 765-496-7262
Weathers, Dezmon Recruiting Coordinator 765-494-4608