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SuccessFactors and the Purdue Hiring Process

There are several roles in the recruitment module, allowing for flexibility in the recruiting process. The initiator is often a supervisor or an administrative assistant in the department. Both positions have the initiator role. In the quick hire processes, the same person can initiate the requisition to post the position, review candidate information, determine the new hire and move them through onboarding. Other processes, such as faculty recruitment, utilize several roles. Your HR –Talent Acquisition team can help you determine the right roles. Your business office and/or payroll center can help you understand budget approvers and more.

Recruitment Roles

  • Creates the requistion & hiring details
  • Views resumes
  • WHO: Hiring Manager, Dept. Support, or Business Manager

  • Verifies & adds budgeted salary
  • Approves offers for staff, service staff, faculty
  • Creates offers for faculty
  • WHO: Business Offices

  • Completes & posts requisition
  • Sources/screens candidates
  • Creates offer letter for staff & service staff
  • WHO: OIE (faculty), HR Talent Acquisition (Staff)

  • Completes & posts requisition for faculty
  • Creates offer letter for faculty
  • WHO: Department Admin Assistant

  • Assigns search committee members and adds them for interview feeback
  • Can schedule interviews, coordinate calendars
  • WHO: Department Support Staff

  • Provides interviews feedback via interview central
  • Can view resume af assigned candidate
  • WHO: Any Purdue Search Committee Member

  • Purdue employees (All, nontemp)
  • Apply via the Careers module in SuccessFactors

  • NonPurdue employees
  • Apply via the external careers site


During the year, several instructor-led sessions are available to help department recruiters through the process. Those following a quick hire process can often utilize the training resources – guides and work instruction videos.  Your HR-Talent Acquisition team can assist with questions at

Instructor-led session registration is through the Learning tile located in SuccessFactors. The courses are:
End-to-End Process Training Sessions Available
  • Those who need or would appreciate a ‘beginning to end’ look at the Department Recruiter role and the faculty recruitment process can attend the Faculty Recruitment for Department Recruiters. All sessions are located in PFEN 103. Please register online, as seats are limited.
Candidate Management
  • This session provides greater detail on managing candidates through the interviewing process, including how to sort and print. Interview central functions, including candidate ratings, will be reviewed as well as moving candidate through the offer process. All sessions are located in PFEN 103. Please register online, as seats are limited.
Offer to Onboarding
  • This session provides greater detail on the last phase of recruitment, from offer to onboarding. Attendees will learn how to upload supporting documents for OIE review, email non-selected candidate, move the new hire to onboarding, close the requisition and review onboarding coordinator tasks. All sessions are located in PFEN 103. Please register online, as seats are limited.
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