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Faculty Dual Career and Relocation Services

Faculty Dual Career and Relocation Services supports Purdue University’s commitment to recruiting and retaining talented, innovative and diverse faculty. We work with the partners of prospective, new and current faculty members to increase their opportunities for success in their search for local employment, as well as offering concierge services to help faculty settle into the area.

Jessica Jordan
Dual Career and Relocation Specialist
Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Sciences, Purdue Polytechnic Institute and Veterinary Medicine

Justine Sailors
Dual Career and Relocation Specialist
Liberal Arts, Libraries, Management, Pharmacy and Science

Faculty members within Purdue’s College of Engineering utilize the Concierge Program for assistance.


Faculty Dual Career Services

Partners of our tenure-track faculty members can gain assistance in their job search.


Relocation Services

Relocating can be stressful, and moving is hard work. We can provide guidance and helpful resources.


Candidate Bios

Learn more about our current dual career partners, their backgrounds and experience.