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Faculty Dual Career Services

For many dual career couples, a main factor in the decision to relocate is both partners securing employment. At Purdue University, we know how important this is for our spouses and partners, so we’ve developed several ways to keep your career moving forward in the Greater Lafayette area.
  • Interview tips and resume critiques
  • Personalized job search guidance
  • Networking on your behalf
  • Dual Career Assistance Program for non-faculty employment opportunities

Program Description

The Dual Career Assistance Program offered by the Office of the Provost will continue to provide assistance to spouses and partners of faculty members who are seeking faculty and non-faculty appointments at Purdue. The FY22-23 program continues our support for faculty hires and addresses how dual career faculty appointments will affect the target faculty FTEs established for each college.

Financial Resources

Program funds are available to provide partial, temporary funding to the hiring department of the spouse or domestic partner of a new faculty member in order to bridge to a permanent line. Funding for the dual career position is usually shared by:

  1. the department/school/college of the spouse/partner (partner’s unit),
  2. the department/school/college hiring the initial faculty member (originating unit),
  3. and by the Office of the Provost.

The financial arrangements for hires made under the Dual Career Assistance Program will be as follows:

  • For non-faculty positions:
    Provide 2 years of support with 1/3 central funding.  The remaining 2/3 will be shared by the originating unit and the partner's unit.  After 2 years, the partner’s unit is fully responsible for funding the position.

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