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Purdue Medical Plan Tobacco-User Additional Premium: Questions and Answers

Basic Information

  • When did the tobacco-user additional premium go into effect?
  • To whom does the additional premium apply?
  • How much is the additional premium?
  • How will the additional premium be administered?
  • How will the additional premium appear on my pay stub?
  • How does Purdue define a "tobacco user"?
  • Is vaping (use of electronic cigarettes) considered "tobacco use" in terms of incurring the additional premium?
  • I use the nicotine patch, does that count as tobacco use?
  • Are electronic cigarettes recognized as nicotine replacement therapy?
  • Why are tobacco users being charged more?
  • Why are we focusing on tobacco?
  • How can Purdue charge me more for being a tobacco user?
  • Will other health-related additional premiums be considered in the future for things like obesity, alcohol use and so forth?

Avoiding/Waiving the $1,000 Additional Premium