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Eligibility and Cost


Acute care services are available to all employees and their dependents regardless of their benefits eligibility or if they have opted out of a Purdue health plan. Minor dependents may be added to your account.

Children 10 to 17 years old can have an online therapy visit using LiveHealth Online Psychology for Teens.  To start a visit a parent must first add the child to their account.  The parent will also need to help the child sign in and start the visit.  The level of involvement by the parent is up to the therapist. 

Children age 18 and over may create their own account to access acute care (link acute care to the acute care page) and mental health (link mental health to the mental health page) services.


A typical LiveHealth Online visit costs $59. This cost is the same no matter if you talk to a doctor day or night or on a holiday or weekend. If you are covered by a Purdue medical plan, LiveHealth Online visits are a covered benefit under your plan as a Tier 1 provider. Deductible and coinsurance applies.

  • Medical 24/7 Visit - $59
  • Behavioral health:
    • $80 for therapist/social worker
    • $95 for psychology
    • $175 for psychiatry new patient visit
      • $75 for any follow up psychiatry visits
  • Sleep (New for 2021)
    • Sleep specialist visit is $170
    • home sleep study is $270

You have the option to enter and save your insurance information in your profile at any time. You don't have to enter any insurance information, if your health plan outside of Purdue doesn't cover online care visits at LiveHealth Online.

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