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Benefits Termination Dates

Benefits terminate for faculty and staff on the last day of employment with Purdue University except when involving academic year (AY) appointments between May and the end of the summer. 

For AY appointments that terminate between May and the end of summer:

  • If employment ends at the end of the academic semester (May), benefits will terminate as of the end of the semester.  COBRA is available to continue coverage through the summer.  If employment resumes in the fall, regular benefits will be reinstated effective with the first day of the fall semester.
  • If notification of employment is received over the summer indicating the employee will not return in the fall, the date of the notification of termination will be the termination date where benefits will end, unless there is a future date on the termination, at which point the date indicated for termination will be when benefits will end.
  • Benefit coverage will not be ended on a retroactive basis.  If there is an overpayment on benefits due to academic pay cycle, a refund can be provided.

In summary, benefit coverage will end on the latter of:

  • End of May semester, as documented by the University or the employee,
  • Summer resignation date, OR
  • Future-dated resignation date