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Eligible Employees

Faculty and staff who are eligible for employee benefits

  1. A tenured, tenure track, or clinical/professional faculty member employed half-time or more on a continuing basis for more than one year.
  2. A visiting faculty member employed full-time for a semester or longer.
  3. A post-doctoral research associate or assistant, veterinary intern or veterinary post-doctoral resident employed full-time for a semester or longer.*
  4. Staff members hired half time or more on a continuing basis for more than one year in the following career streams:
    • Administrative/Operational Support
    • Executive
    • Management
    • Professional
    • Fire, Police, Skilled Trades

* Staff in these position classifications are not eligible for retirement benefits.

The following categories are not eligible for benefits:

Undergraduate or graduate students, except as outlined below, temporary employees; fellowship appointees; limited term lecturers; military assistant instructors; visiting scholars; adjunct staff; associate staff; or affiliate staff.

  • Graduate teaching or research assistants and graduate administrative staff employed 50% or more are eligible for coverage under the grad staff medical plan. This is separate coverage. See the grad staff web site for more information.

Medical Coverage when both spouses work at Purdue

If you and your spouse both work at Purdue and are eligible for benefits, you may elect to opt out of medical coverage and be covered as a dependent on your spouse's medical plan. If one of you is in the higher employee contribution tier and the other is in the lower tier, you will need to enroll under the spouse who is in the higher contribution tier.

As an alternative, you may elect for each of you to enroll in a medical plan individually.