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Faculty and Staff Dental Insurance

The University offers faculty and staff the choice of three dental insurance plans, each administered through Anthem Dental. Employees may select coverage for themselves and their eligible dependents.

Plan Details

Dental plans are administered on a calendar year and are subject to the rules associated with Purdue's cafeteria plan. Premiums are taken from your pay before taxes are calculated. Elections made during the annual open enrollment will be in effect from January through December, unless you have a qualifying change in family status.

Any deductible or plan limits associated with your plan are tracked on a January-December basis. All benefits paid by the dental plan contribute toward the plan’s annual maximum benefit.

For plan details, you may request a copy of the Certificate of Coverage from Anthem by calling 1-877-604-2142.

How to Enroll

You may view and enroll in dental benefits during annual open enrollment and as a newly eligible employee. Go to the OneCampus Portal, choose Benefitfocus and sign on using your BoilerKey. (For information on BoilerKey, visit

Dental Insurance Options

Benefits-eligible employees will have four options to choose from in Benefitfocus regarding dental coverage.

  1. Preventive Only – Covers preventive services only. This will require an election in Benefitfocus separate from your medical plan election. Services provided by out-of-network dentists are covered at a reduced level and may be subject to balance billing.

  2. Anthem Dental Plan Option 1 (Point-of-Service) – This plan provides the broadest choice of dental providers.  While you will receive the greatest benefit for diagnostic, preventive and restorative work if the Anthem Dental Complete network is used, this plan allows you to use non-network dentists if you choose. Services provided by out-of-network dentists are covered at a reduced level and may be subject to balance billing.

  3. Anthem Dental Plan Option 2 (Standard) –This plan provides the most cost-effective benefits for diagnostic, preventive and basic treatments, but ONLY when an Anthem Dental Complete dentist provides the care.

    The preventive benefit follows the plan’s design and services must be received by dental providers participating in the Anthem Dental Complete network or no preventive benefits will be payable under this plan.

  4. Opt out – You may choose to have no dental coverage, including the preventive only option, by completely waiving all dental coverage.

2020: There are no changes to dental coverage in 2020; however, the premiums have slightly increased. For 2020 plan premiums, refer to page 16 of the 2020 open enrollment guide.

Annual Dental Premiums
Anthem Dental PPO
Preventive Only Plan
Anthem Dental PPO
(Point -of-Service)
Plan Option 1
Anthem Dental PPO
Plan Option 2
Employees Only $0 $254.76 $104.40
Employee & Spouse $0 $518.16 $213.48
Employee & Child(ren) $0 $633.00 $245.04
Family $0 $965.16 $384.12

 Dental Buy-Up Plan Comparison

Dental Buy-Up Plan Comparison
Point of Service Plan (Option 1) Standard Plan (Option 2)
Dentist Network PPO Network Out-of-Network PPO Network Out-of-Network
Diagnostic & Preventive Svcs. 100% 100% 100% 0%
Bitewing Radiographs
(i.e. Bitewing X-rays)
100% 100%
50%-No PU med.
100% 0%
Simple Extractions 60% 50% 50% 0%
Oral Surgery 50% 40% 50% 0%
Minor Restorative Svcs.
(i.e., fillings)
60% 50% 50% 0%
(i.e., root canals)
50% 40% 25% 0%
Major Restorative Svcs.
(i.e., crowns)
40% 30% 25% 0%
Orthodontics (to age 19)
(i.e., braces)
50% 40% Not Covered
Lifetime maximum orthodontic
$500 $500 Not Covered
Deductible – No deductible for
diagnostic and preventive services,
emergency palliative, bitewing X-rays,
or orthodontics
$50/person per
calendar yr.
$75/person per
calendar yr.
$25/person per calendar yr.
limited to max. deductible
of $75/family per calendar yr.
Annual maximum per person? $1,000
Can I go to any dentist? Yes No

Nominate your provider if he or she is not currently part of the Anthem Dental Complete Network

If your provider is not currently participating in the Anthem Dental Complete network, you can nominate them.

  1. First, check to see if a dentist is already participating in the Anthem network by using the detailed “How to Find a Dentist Online” guide. If a dentist is already participating, there is no need to nominate him or her.
  2. Second, if a dentist is not currently participating, an employee can nominate a dentist to Anthem by completing the Provider Nomination Form, then emailing or faxing the form to Anthem as directed. An Anthem representative will then reach out to the provider.