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The following news articles were written by Rosie Lerner, Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist, Bev Shaw, Advanced Master Gardener, or by staff at White River Gardens in Indianapolis and are distributed to news media around the state by Purdue University Agricultural Communication Service.

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Mugwort, wormwood – by either name, a real problem

Q. I am curious if you have an idea about a weed that grows in our yard every year. It spreads very rapidly, seems invasive and grows to a pretty high level as summer goes along. We have asked many people, and they are quite stumped. My wife does not like it, and we pull it and spray it, but it just keeps coming back, spreading and invading. Also, it seems to transplant to other […]

September Garden Calendar

YARD (Lawns, woody ornamentals and fruits) Fall is a good time to plant many container-grown or balled-and-burlapped nursery stock. Prepare a good-size planting hole wider than the ball, but plant at the same depth it grew in the nursery and water thoroughly. Mulching will help protect against large fluctuations in soil temperature and moisture. Do not be alarmed if your evergreens, particularly white pine and arborvitae, drop some older needles. All evergreens shed needles at […]

Blossom-End Rot Frustrates Tomato Growers

Eager tomato growers, having lovingly nurtured their plants, anxiously await their ripe gems. But alas, a black, leathery spot appears at the base of the fruit. Blossom end-rot is thankfully not an infectious disease, but rather a frustrating disorder of the fruit. The black scar tissue is thought to be caused by a deficiency of calcium in the developing fruit. In most cases, blossom end-rot is brought on by extreme fluctuations in soil moisture. And […]

Tree care from freeze to slime

Q: Our Japanese red maple tree was full of new leaves when the hard freeze hit. It is just now getting a few leaves again. Should I trim the tree back, or just wait and see what happens? I do not know how much is dead or how much will produce new growth. – A.K., Harrison County  A: It’s easy to check the twigs for live tissue. If twigs appear to be dead, scrape away […]


August Garden Calendar

HOME (Indoor plants and activities) Take cuttings from annual garden plants such as impatiens, coleus, geraniums and wax begonias to overwinter indoors. Root the cuttings in media such as moist vermiculite, perlite, peat moss or potting soil, rather than water. Order spring-flowering bulbs for fall planting. Cut flowers from the garden to bring a little color indoors, or dry for everlasting arrangements. YARD (Lawns, woody ornamentals and fruits) Check trees and shrubs that have been […]