Service-learning Fellows Announced for Spring 2024

The Office of Service-Learning has selected 11 Purdue instructors for the spring 2024 Service-Learning fellows cohorts.

The Office of Service-Learning selected six Purdue instructors for the spring 2024 Service-Learning fellows program. The program fosters the development and institutionalization of service-learning courses and curricula, projects, and scholarly pursuits at Purdue while strengthening collaborative community efforts and outcomes. Throughout the semester, the fellows will work with service-learning staff and community partners to collaboratively develop the skills and tools needed to deliver effective, mutually beneficial service-learning courses. Each fellow receives up to $2,000 to fund their project.  

  • Toni DeAztlan-Smith, Assistant Professor of Practice, Communication, Purdue West Lafayette
  • Claudio Freitas, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue Fort Wayne
  • Tianyi Li, Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Technology, Purdue West Lafayette
  • Emily McLaughlin, Clinical Associate Professor, Engineering Technology, Purdue Indianapolis
  • William Watson, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Purdue West Lafayette
  • Yan Ping Xin, Professor, Educational Studies, Purdue West Lafayette

The Office of Service-Learning also selected five former Service-Learning fellows to participate in an advanced cohort focused on furthering Indiana’s land grant mission by improving access and services in rural communities in Indiana. The program fosters the development of service-learning courses and scholarly pursuits while strengthening collaborations between Purdue students, Purdue instructors, and community partners around broadband internet service adoption and accessibility across the state. As members of the cohort, fellows will also develop a scholarly contribution in this space. Each fellow receives up to $5,000 to fund their project.

  • Melissa DeFrench, Limited Term Lecturer, English, Purdue West Lafayette
  • Chang Ma, Graduate Student, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Purdue West Lafayette
  • Pamela Saylor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Purdue Northwest
  • Stephanie Scherer, Clinical Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Purdue West Lafayette
  • Mark Wilson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Sciences, Purdue West Lafayette

Source: Lindsey Payne