Sandra San Miguel and The League of VetaHumanz: Encouraging Kids to Use Their Powers for Good!

Meet Pink Phoenix, the leader of the Vetahumanz League of superheroes, a group of veterinarians and veterinary students dedicated to diversifying the veterinary profession. Founded by Sandra San Miguel, D.V.M., Ph.D., the league, supported by the NIGMS Science Education Partnership Award, engages with elementary students nationwide. They work to inspire under-resourced students of color by providing veterinary-based STEM activities and lessons. With over 400 certified role models, or VetaHumanz, the league ensures representation and empowers students to envision themselves as future veterinarians. For those without access to in-person programs, the league created SuperPower Packs, featuring collectible cards, capes, and educational materials, such as a book on vaccines. Despite pandemic challenges, the league continues its mission, even launching a podcast where Pink Phoenix interviews VetaHumanz to share their stories and superpowers, leaving a positive impact on both students and league members. Discover more about this superheroic initiative in the full article.