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Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Indiana state law and University regulations prohibit the use, possession or distribution of narcotics or controlled drugs without a valid prescription. Use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages is also strictly regulated.

State law prohibits the possession of alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years old. The law also prohibits persons 21 years or older from providing alcoholic beverages to minors. A person misrepresenting his or her age to obtain alcoholic beverages is in violation of the law. With a few exceptions, such Union Club Hotel guest rooms, possession of alcoholic beverages on Purdue's campus is prohibited. Violators of drug and alcohol policies are subject to the provisions of applicable state and federal laws as well as University disciplinary actions. Purdue’s drug and alcohol policy (see Executive Memorandum No. C - 44) is published and distributed annually to students and employees. Consult this policy for detailed information.

Indiana Lifeline Law

Indiana's Lifeline Law provides that a person is immune from arrest or prosecution for certain alcohol offenses if the arrest or prosecution is due to the person: (1) reporting a medical emergency; (2) being the victim of a sex offense; or (3) witnessing and reporting what the person believes to be a crime. For more information, refer to IC 7.1-5-1-6.5.

Medical Amnesty for Student Intoxication Policy

In cases of student intoxication and/or alcohol poisoning that occur on the West Lafayette campus, on the premises of a Recognized Student Organization or at a function sponsored by a Recognized Student Organization, the intoxicated student, as well as the student(s) seeking medical attention on the intoxicated student's behalf, will be exempt from Disciplinary Sanctions related to alcohol consumption.

In circumstances involving a Recognized Student Organization, the willingness of the members involved in seeking medical assistance for a member or guest will be viewed as a mitigating factor in the review process for the Recognized Student Organization for any possible violations. The full policy is available at Medical Amnesty for Student Intoxication (WL-7).