Core Facilities

Purdue University research cores provide access for faculty, students and collaborators to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to support basic and translational research in a broad range of scientific fields. Instrumentation, facilities, software and professional assistance are available for the design and conduct of specialized measurements, analysis and interpretation of data, and research collaboration.

See below for an entire list of our cores and their descriptions. A searchable list is available at

Analytical Mass Spectrometry Facility - The Analytical Mass Spectrometry Facility assists Purdue faculty in solving research problems by providing quality mass spectrometry data. The facility is equipped with a complete range of mass spectrometers, ionization methods, and sample introduction equipment in order to accommodate a broad array of sample types and scientific questions. A staff of expert mass spectrometrists enables the acquisition of informative data on rapid timescales.

Animal Sciences Research and Education Center - The mission of the Animal Sciences Research and Education Center (ASREC) is to provide animals, facilities, technical assistance and labor to conduct research, provide instruction, and assist in extension educational activities. Research trials vary from basic to applied and involve many disciplines -- nutrition, physiology, behavior, genetics, reproduction, animal health, and product quality. Faculty utilize the Research and Education Center to facilitate teaching several Animal Sciences courses and to help provide hands-on experience for students. Some Extension education activities are held at the center.

Bioinformatics Core - Facilitate, amplify, and accelerate biological research and discovery through application of bioinformatics. Deliver high quality analysis and consultation in a timely and economical manner. Support workshops and learning activities. Support computational resources.

Biomolecular Cleanroom - 2,500 Sq. ft. Bio-Nanotechnology Integration Laboratory

Biomolecular Screening and Drug Discovery Facility - diverse screening and automated liquid handling / high throughput protein expression cloning

Biophysical Analysis Laboratory - Biophysical analysis of Proteins, DNA, RNA, and other molecules

Bioscience Imaging Facility - We provide the instruments and expertise needed to visualize molecules in preparations ranging from single cells to entire animals. All facility users receive individualized instrument training as well as project specific advice for optimal data acquisition. Consultation on sample preparation, image rendering, and data analysis are also available as our knowledge base permits

Birck Nanotechnology Center BioNanotechnology Laboratories (BNC-BNL) - BNC-BNL is located at the Birck Nanotechnology center. It provides researchers a place where they can take their drug delivery (e.g. BioMEMS/NEMS or Biosensor) device or nanoparticle-driven from idea stage to a viable prototype to in-vitro testing and basic sterility testing. A CTSI core facility

Center for Analytical Instrumentation Development - Develop the next generation of analytical instrumentation for chemistry, life science and point-of-need applications in medicine, industry, and public safety. Expand participation to other regional institutions. Prominent among these instrumental methods is the application of mass spectrometry to problems of national and world interest and the miniaturization of mass spectrometry to further those aims

Center for Materials Processing and Tribology - Metrology Laboratory - Surface and mechanical property characterization

Discovery Learning Research Center (DLRC) - The Discovery Learning Research Center is a unique center that bridges the innovative research work at Purdue with the fundamental educational mission of the University. DLRC has 3 major goals: 1) catalyze large-scale, interdisciplinary research programs in teaching and learning, especially in STEM fields; 2) promote articulation between educational research and actual practice; 3) provide leadership in influencing STEM public literacy and educational policy. DLRC provides access to: evaluation and assessment expertise; planning and management for educational components of projects; research space for testing or piloting new educational technologies and pedagogies; work space for research staff on DLRC collaborative projects; connections to faculty and researchers with similar or complementary research interests and needs

Electron Microscopy - Electron Microscopy facility in Birck has Hitachi S4800 cold field-emission scanning electron microscope, equipped with STEM capability; FEI Nova 200 Dual Beam system, equipped with a Klocke nanomanipulator for site specific sample preparation; and FEI Environmental S/TEM 80-300 Titan

Flow cytometry and cell separation facility - The Bindley Bioscience Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Facility provides advanced cell and particle analysis and sorting using flow cytometry based technology. The facility also provides training in flow cytometry analysis and sorting techniques. The facility also provides expert consultation for assay and protocol development for flow cytometry analysis and cell separation

Genomics Core Facility - The Purdue Genomics Core facility has more than a decade of experience in DNA sequencing and provides "next generation", high and low-throughput sequencing services as well as first-pass informatics support

Histology and Digital Imaging Laboratory - The Histology Laboratory is a full service histology laboratory that provides tissue embedding (paraffin, plastic, OCT medium), slide preparation (microtome, cryostat), staining and immunohistochemistry services. Technical consultation as well as pathology consultation and collaboration is available. The Histology and Dicital Imaging Laboratory is a division of the Center for Comparative Translational Research  ::

Life Sciences Electron Microscopy Facility - The LSMF is a full service electron microscopy core with both service and individual use options. Equipment includes two field-emission SEMs equipped with cryo, EDX, low vacuum, and tensile stage. Also available are 2 TEMs, routine and cryo sample preparation instrumentation, and other support equipment. Basic light microscopes are equipped with color digital cameras and optics for Bright-field, Nomarski DIC contrast, Fluorescence, and stereo imaging

Metabolite profiling facility (MPF) - The laboratory utilizes gas chromatography and liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry for the analyses of small, biological molecules. We collaborate with research investigators who are conducting metabolomic studies, by providing technical assistance with sample preparation, data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of experimental information. The lab performs both quantitative analysis and non-targeted molecular screening

Pre-Clinical Research Laboratory - The Pre-Clinical Research Laboratory staff can assist you with all stages of your pre-clinical animal studies: experimental design, grant application, budgeting, PACUC application and study execution (technical support, facilities, equipment).  We have experience with species ranging from mice through pigs and sheep. Pre-Clinical Research Center is a division of Cetner for Comparative Translational Research. ::

Physiological Sensing Facility - Cellular and tissue metabolism, cell-signaling, neurophysiology, environmental toxicology, biosensing, bionanomaterials, lab-on-a-chip systems, bioMEMS, biophysical sensing

Purdue Cryo-EM Facility - the Purdue Cryo-EM Facility is a member of the Purdue EM Consortium and a designated Indiana CTSI Core Facility. Our facility is available to Purdue, other academic institutes, and industry users. It provides state-of-the-art instruments and expertise for high resolution structure determination of viruses, larger macromolecular complexes, nano-particles, as well as tomographic visualization of virus-cell interactions by cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and three-dimensional (3-D) image reconstruction Purdue Cryo-EM Facility

Purdue Proteomics Facility - Mass spectrometry analyses of peptides and proteins. Maldi and ESI analysis, comparative proteomics, peptides sequencing, proteins identification and analysis, database search analysis, quantitative analysis, biomarkers discovery, proteins digestion. Amino acid analysis

Purdue Stable Isotope (PSI) lab - The Purdue Stable Isotope (PSI) facility is a state-of-the-art multi-user, stable isotope laboratory housed in the Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Department at Purdue University

Purdue Translational Pharmacology Facility - In vivo pharmacology with swine model and unique PigTurn monitoring and sampling system

Veterinary Clinical Trials support service - The Veterinary Clinical Trials support service helps researchers to conduct clinical studies (including clinical trials) in the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Teaching Hospital. We can assist you with identifying clinician-collaborators for your study, consult with you on your study design, and help with recruitment enrollment, data collection and data analysis. The Veterinary Clinical Trials support service is a division of the Center for Comparative Translational Research. ::