Team Science Program 2016 - 2017

Request for Applications


The mission of the Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease (PI4D) is to integrate disparate units and areas of research within Purdue University by creating an environment that supports multi-investigator research in areas of immunotherapy, infectious disease, inflammation and immunology.  Collaborative teams of scientists can bring creative innovations to complex problems related to inflammation, immunology and infectious diseases. PI4D intends to be responsive to the continual funding trends towards team science research with an emphasis on addressing multi-factorial problems that can lead to ground-breaking discoveries and/or better diagnostic or therapeutic outcomes.


The PI4D Team Science Program offers a $20,000 funding opportunity to cultivate collaborations between at least three or more faculty investigators across two or more departments at Purdue University.  The PI4D Team Science Program will provide funding for up to 6 projects of high scientific merit with robust strategies to generate extramural funding or generate novel intellectual property (IP).  Proposals must address an area of research within the fields of immunotherapy, infectious disease, inflammation and/or immunology, including cancer immunotherapies and all cancer-related immune responses.

Proposals will be judged on their potential to procure external funding.  The review committee must be able to discern the unique contribution of each member of the proposed team. Within the 'Research Plan' section, applicants are asked to include a subsection entitled 'External Funding Strategy' by which they will outline steps towards procuring external funding using the currently proposed project as a pilot. Proposing specific external funding mechanisms is highly recommended and applicants are asked to include the specific aims for their future planned proposal.

The “Research Plan” section of successful applications should clearly describe how pilot funding from this mechanism will aid in either “jump-starting” a project or strengthening a planned or pending submission. It is emphasized that, this section may not exceed two single spaced 8.5 x 11 pages with 1/2 inch margins on all sides. Font must be 11 points or larger in Arial format.


PI4D members/affiliates are eligible to apply to this funding mechanism.  An electronic application can be submitted HERE. Applications are due by Monday, April 4th 2016. Questions about this opportunity should be directed towards Tommy Sors -