Giving: Ways to Support Our Research

We can have the best minds, the best equipment and the best intentions in the world, but without funding, our progress will be limited. It is through generous donations from individuals and organizations that we are able to continue our mission. The Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology, and Infectious Disease has important initiatives that your financial contributions can support:

PI4D Directors Initiatives

Unrestricted funds that can be used for an area where they are most needed, as determined by the director. These funds may be used for research, special student support, events, equipment and other initiatives to help support PI4D’s research.

Diagnostic Tool Fund

Supporting the research and development of diagnostic tools to more rapidly assess and combat deadly diseases.

Investing in the next generation of researchers

Student support, undergraduate, graduate student or postdoc researcher.

Help bring world renowned speakers to campus

This fund is used to bring top experts in the field to campus to meet with students, staff and faculty and kick off collaborative efforts.