NEW LIMITS NEW materials for LogIc, Memory and InTerconnectS

NEWLIMITS-T2: 2D Materials, Devices, and Interconnect Technologies

The theme vision is to demonstrate novel device concepts that provide high performance and new functionalities beyond conventional CMOS and state-of-the-art high power electronics by utilizing unique properties of selected 2D materials, i.e. MoTe2, MoS2, NbS2, WSe2, that are non-existent in traditional 3D materials and the ability to grow these materials independent of substrate constraints, as typically associated with epitaxial growth. The goals include:

  1. Demonstrate nonvolatile memory devices by integrating 2D materials with selector properties and RRAM behavior in crossbar vertical structures with a focus on novel phase change properties of TMDs;
  2. Demonstrate vertically stacked multichannel TMD FETs for logic and high power device applications as well as integrated TMD/FinFET hybrids;
  3. Explore novel metallic TMDs as ultra-thin diffusion barriers and evaluate the electrical performance of Cu/metallic-TMD hybrids;
  4. Demonstrate gatetunable giant spin Hall effect in TMDs with out-of-plane magnetization for low current spin torque switching;
  5. Demonstrate spin-to-charge conversion in 2D material stacks.