NEW LIMITS NEW materials for LogIc, Memory and InTerconnectS

NEWLIMITS-T3: Advanced Manufacturing & Processing of 2D Materials, Novel Semiconductors & Topological Insulators

The theme vision is to establish large-scale synthesis of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) compatible with back-end-of-the-line (BEOL) technologies for novel device applications, and low temperature epitaxial growth of traditional semiconductors and novel materials using selective deposition and processing. The goals include:

  1. Demonstrate scalable metal-organic chemical vapor deposition of NbS2 and MoTe2 for utilization in memory and interconnect device architectures;
  2. Investigate TMD phase formation as a function of synthetic chemistries and understand the impact on the fundamental structural, chemical and optical properties;
  3. Investigate selective growth of phase engineered TMDs through functionalization of substrates and nano-textured surfaces. The proposed goals build off of our groups successful development of large area scalable synthesis, characterization, and integration of two-dimensional materials;
  4. Develop methods for selective processing of functional materials for next generation devices; and
  5. BEOL material integration processes focusing on low temperature growth of traditional semiconductors and novel materials including topological insulators.