1. Informal meeting between Core coordinator and a Purdue lab member (PI, Postdoc, Grad student) to determine the scope of the project.
  2. Informal meeting between Core coordinator and the PI in the interested lab to discuss timeline, risk factors and roles and responsibilities of each party, and potential funding sources available.
  3. An application submission by the PI including a short proposal/description of project, timeline and responsibilities of each party.
  4. A formal agreement generation with consent of PIIN representation and signed by the PI and Core coordinator/Operations manager. The agreement include the following:
    1. Procedures and policies for the use of the Core
    2. Summary of project description, roles responsibilities, timeline
    3. Budget with account number for charging the PI, and describing any subsidies in total costs
  5. Milestone based progress reports submission by Core coordinator to PI on a schedule agreed upon by both parties
  6. Project completion report submission by Core coordinator to PI

Online reservations

Use the online reservation system called Ilabs is a university-wide Web-based reservation system. All users must be registered within Ilabs in order to make reservations on the equipment. For instructions on how to register in Ilabs, please contact the Core Coordinator, at



Core Coordinator