Request for Applications from Purdue faculty

Drug Investigational Screening and Chemigenomics Facility Projects

Annoucement Date:  Monday, February 1st

Proposal Deadline:  Rolling Admission

To increase the Purdue drug discovery pipeline, the Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery is allocating funds to support highly meritorious projects of Purdue faculty, who are members of the institute, to use the Chemical Genomics Facility for high-throughput/high content screening of Purdue’s compound collections.  These projects should focus on the identification of hits that may have the potential to lead to further drug development.

Applications should be sent to Karson Putt ( 

 General Guidelines:

  1. Qualification – Applicants must currently be or become members of the Institute for Drug Discovery.
  2. Proposal Length – Proposal should be single-spaced and a maximum of two pages in length (Calibri or similar font at 11pt) with no less than 0.5 inch page margins.
  3. Timeline – Facility credit must be used within one year from date of funding.
  4. File format – Only .doc, .docx, or .pdf files will be accepted. Any figures should be embedded in the document and must fit within the maximum page limit.
  5. Progress Report and Future Reporting – PI may be asked to present their work at the next annual Drug Discovery symposium following the award year. Additionally, any funding, publications, patents, and/or other tangible outcomes that are generated from this activity must be reported to the Institute (Karson Putt,



Up to a $20,000 credit will be made available at the chemical genomics facility for up to one year.  This credit can be utilized for the usage of facility equipment, screening supplies (microtiter plates, tips, etc.), access to libraries, assay support by facility personnel, and screening campaigns. 

Applicants are encouraged to contact the facility director, Dr. Lan Chen ( / 765-496-6668 to discuss technical aspects, feasibility, resource requirements, and estimated costs of potential projects. 

Additionally, Karson Putt ( / 765-494-7125 can be contacted for questions regarding the project or application process.


Application Format:

The following information must be included within the maximum page limit

  1. Description of the project including background/significance, project aims, current stage of project (e.g. target identified/no assay, assay developed/needs miniaturization, HTS assay developed/needs screening, initial screening performed/expanded library screening needed), preliminary results (if any), study design, and expected outcomes
  2. Overview of likely high throughput assay to be employed
  3. A statement explaining the relevance of the project to the discovery or development of a diagnostic or therapeutic for a human disease
  4. A statement of future plans for developing screening hits into a drug lead including plans for additional extramural funding

 Additional information that must be included (not within maximum page limit)

  1. References
  2. NIH Biosketch


Submission and Review Criteria:

Applications can be submitted to Karson Putt ( at any time.

Applications will be reviewed on an approximately quarterly basis and use the following criteria: 

  1. The primary review criteria will be the impact of this project on the identification of hit molecules with the potential to become new therapeutics that could one day enter the Purdue pipeline.
  2. Potential for the proposed project raising the prominence of Purdue and the Institute for Drug Discovery
  3. Scientific Merit
  4. Feasibility of completing the proposed studies in the allotted time (1 year)
  5. Appropriateness of budget requested
  6. Potential for subsequent external follow-on activities (e.g. extramural funding, publications, IP generation, successful progression on the drug discovery pipeline, start-up company creation,)

 Publications resulting from Drug Discovery support should be acknowledged as follows:

“The authors gratefully acknowledge support from the Purdue University Institute for Drug Discovery”