Programmatic Areas

In 2018, the Institute for Drug Discovery began forming multi-PI teams to establish and advance drug discovery projects.

The Institute for Drug Discovery has funded the following project teams:

Lead PI Co-Pi's Project Description
Casey Krusemark   Mingji Dai, Markus Lill, Zhong-Yin Zhang DNA-encoded, drug-like libraries based on privileged scaffolds generated by novel chemistry
Tony Hazbun   Mohamed Seleem, Dan Flaherty Interdisciplinary program in antimicrobial drug discovery using repurposed small molecule drugs
Daisuke Kihara    Wen Jiang, Chang-Deng Hu Deep neural network‐assisted protein structure modeling for drug development from low resolution 3D cryo‐electron microscopy maps
Richard van Rijn   Amy Brewster, Markus Lill, Dan Flaherty β-arrestin 1 - a novel target for seizure disorders
Seung-Oe Lim       Michael Wendt, Zhong-Yin Zhang A new strategy of immunotherapy by combining Src homology domain-containing phosphatase 2 inhibition and immune checkpoint blockade
Greg Hockerman    

  Casey Krusemark, Yang Yang

Discovery of subtype-selective ion channel inhibitors targeting extracellular toxin binding domains
Tiffany Lyle    Sophie Lelievre, Greg Knipp, Chris Rochet Development of a novel BBB-on-a-chip model to improve selection of therapeutics
Bumsoo Han    Yoon Yeo, Tonglei Li, George Chiu Program of precision pharmaceutics for precision medicines
Herman Sintim    Andy Mesecar, Gaurav Chopra, Greg Knipp, Bennett Elzey New inhibitors against cancers harboring secondary kinase mutations