Trainee Program Meetings

Trainee Meeting Schedule


--Spring 2023--

Jan 17: Webinar on Pharmacokinetics

Jan 24: Sarah Stanhope Research

Jan 31: Brayden Strohmier Research

Feb 14: Natural Products overview - Prof. Betsy Parkinson

Feb 21: Chemical Genomics Core overview and tour - Dr. Lan Chen

Mar 7: Mouse models for drug development - Dr. Ben Elzey

Mar 21: Research Ethics Discussion

Mar 28: Working in industry-antibody based therapies (from a group leader perspective) - Dr. Jack Borrok (Zoom)

Apr 4: Badhu Sivasubramaniam - Internship Research

Apr 11: Working in industry-precision medicine oncology (from a recent hire perspective)- Dr. Saeed Salehin Akhand (Zoom)

May 2: tentative - most likely we will participate in PIDD drug evaluation this week and won’t have a meeting.


--Fall 2022--

Aug 30: Andrew Asberry, PhD - Thesis research

Sept 13: Drug Discovery overview by trainees

Sept 20: Joe Kasper-Purdue Office of Commercialization

Oct 4: Drug Discovery overview by trainees

Oct 18: Stewart Low- Head of Discovery, Quince Therapetuics

Oct 25: Drug Discovery overview by trainees

Nov 1: Adam Buric-4th year graduate student in MCMP

Nov 8: Ryan Imhoff-4th year graduate student in MCMP

Nov 29: Sherine Abdelmawla- CEO | Akanocure Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dec 6: Betsy Parkinson-Assistant Professor of Chemistry discussing natural products screening

Dec 13: Sarah Stanhope-3rd year graduate student in Biochemistry