Martin Conda-Sheridan

I always felt that every class we take and activity we do during the college years add something of value to our human and professional development. However, sometimes, we are fortunate enough to find people and opportunities that do a lot more than that. In my case, CPIP was one of those opportunities. I met mentors, colleagues, and friends that shaped my career. I believe part of my success was due to the CPIP seminars: the “elevator pitch”, how to present our research, how to communicate to broad audiences, etc. My first paper as an independent scientist has been a spin-off of my cancer prevention projects, a result of the learning and thinking process that CPIP provides. Meanwhile, my first independent grant is also related to cancer prevention. CPIP is a great program that focuses in cancer with special emphasis in fostering curiosity, building interdisciplinary scientific knowledge, and improving soft skills and team-work. Dr Teegarden and the rest of the mentors are great, always willing to help the CPIP graduates to further their careers. This is the kind of program that can truly make a difference in a student’s career.

Martin Conda-Sheridan, 2012 CPIP Alumni
Assistant professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center

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