General Information for Faculty & Staff

Undergraduate Mentors

Faculty members in ALL colleges and schools conducting research in cancer prevention are encouraged to submit proposals for projects that create new interdisciplinary research experiences for undergraduate students. If any of these descriptions fit, please consider submitting a project proposal that we can match with highly talented students who want to be involved in research:

  • You see yourself as a mentor who aims to engage superior undergraduate students considering graduate study.
  • You enjoy helping to create and develop new research opportunities that involve students.
  • One of your goals is to foster the exchange of ideas with a diverse student population.


  1. Faculty members submit research projects to CPIP through this portal:
    Submission includes a brief description of your project; please be sure to use language that the undergraduates will understand. We encourage you to include laboratory/research skills the students will gain. There is also space for you to define any special requirements or background that you prefer in the students who apply.
  2. Projects submitted to CPIP will be reviewed by the leadership team, who will then select and post 6-7 final projects.
  3. Selected projects will be open in March for undergraduate students from all academic disciplines to apply to up to three projects. Students are required to write a short statement of interest and upload their transcript(s). Students are expressly instructed to refrain from directly contacting you.
  4. Undergraduate eligibility includes a 3.0 GPA in good standing, full-time academic year enrollment, and at least a sophomore level when they begin in the program. Priority generally is given to upper level students, but that will be your choice. In addition, you and the student must both commit to the year-long program beginning in the summer of the upcoming year. The student will participate in a variety of wrap-around activities as a CPIP intern, including a 1-credit interdisciplinary cancer prevention seminar series for both Fall/Spring and service learning activities. You can offer students credit for their research activities during the academic year, which you would be responsible for managing within your home academic department.
  5. Once the site is closed for applications, the program administrators will prescreen student applicants to ensure they meet minimum program and any project-specific requirements. You then will be given access to the screened student applications for your project. You may select any student on the list. We strongly recommend that you interview at least the top few to be as assured as possible that the student will be a good fit for your research and for the program. 
  6. Once you have made your selection, you must make the offer to the student through the online system, and the student must accept your offer. You can also directly communicate the offer to the student, but the communication through the online system is also required. The system will then automatically withdraw your student from other applications to which s/he applied.

Graduate Mentors

Faculty members from select colleges (dependent on funds available each year) and/or members of the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research (PUCCR) who have research focused in cancer prevention are invited to have their graduate students apply. Participation in the program offers a year-long stipend, and requires student participation in other activities to enhance knowledge in cancer and cancer prevention and professional skills development. These required activities include a 1-credit interdisciplinary cancer prevention seminar series for both Fall/Spring, development of a 3-minute elevator pitch, poster sessions and retreats, and evening meetings (1-2/semester) with the leadership team. Program support also requires that the graduate students work with the undergraduate student interns throughout the summer (1 hour meeting/week) and academic year on developing and implementing service learning activities.

Applications to the program are submitted by graduate students, and specific to the student. The instructions for application are found under the graduate student information tab of this website.

Contact CPIP

To contact CPIP, please e-mail