CAPSL Probabilistic Spin Logic for Low-Energy Boolean and Non-Boolean Computing

CAPSL-T3: Device Models and Tutorials for PSL

The activities in this theme will focus on the device modeling and dissemination of probabilistic spin transistor results. In particular, this theme will develop additional modules beyond e.g. the magnetoelectric effect (ME) module to explore the combination of various switching mechanisms, their scaling and other critical aspects that will provide the P-transistors for PSL Implementation theme with important parameters for the experimental development of the p-bit. Moreover, "composite spin-circuits" developed in this theme will be used as a building block to model new classes of circuits in the Architectures and Systems from Probabilistic Spin Circuits to Benchmarking theme. In addition, this theme will make all spin circuit models that are developed for PSL available on the website that has been developed by the team for the "Modular Approach to Spintronics."