Research Programs

  • COVID-19: Sex Difference
    This initiative is to promote and support sex difference research on COVID-19. We also collect resources (current available COVID-19 data by sex in the US and around the world, scientific papers, and news articles on sex difference of COVID-19)
  •  Women's Health Research Pilot Grant Program
    WGHI and Indiana CTSI teamed up in 2019 to request proposals for translational research of women’s health issues focusing on prevention and early detection. The deadline for this program was Dec. 2, 2019, and the recipients will be announced soon. 
  • International Breast Cancer and Nutrition Program
    The international breast cancer and nutrition project is designed to advance science and inform health communication, provide strategies, and improve public policy on breast cancer prevention on a global level. 
  • Mildred Elizabeth Edmundson Research Grant
    Established in 2012 by Purdue alumni Bill and Diane Edmundson, the Mildred Elizabeth Edmundson Research (MEER) pilot grant program for WGHI funded outstanding projects addressing translational research of women’s health issues. Research by the awarded PIs is ongoing.
  • Obesity and Cancer Program
    This program funded proposals focused on the intersection of obesity and cancer, and research by the awarded PIs is ongoing.