It is crucial that best-practice recommendations and institution-level strategies for enhancing women’s leadership capacity in academia are empirically supported by research with scientific rigor. With this in mind, the Center plans to distribute the existing and emerging knowledge from research (i.e., findings from high-quality scientific studies on the key topics of interest) in the forms of online resources, workshops, and various learning-oriented events (e.g., “lunch and learn”; invited lectures, panel & roundtable discussions). In addition, the Center is committed to publishing the new knowledge generated by its own research team in top-tier academic journals over the coming years. 
To that end, the Center is assembling a team of researchers who are recognized for their scholarship and expertise in workplace relationships (e.g., mentorship, networking), leadership, managing the interface between work and life, career attitudes and behaviors (e.g., job search/change), and psychological well-being (see below for the current list of core research team members). Conceptual and empirical works curated and/or produced by the research team will provide key insights into how to improve the effectiveness and psychological experiences of Purdue faculty, staff, and graduate students, with a keen eye toward supporting women and those from underrepresented backgrounds (e.g., BIPOC, first-generation, international students and scholars). 
Core Research Team Members
  • Sang Eun Woo (Team Lead; Director) Psychological Sciences, Purdue University
  • Kelly Wilson (Research Fellow) Daniels School of Business, Purdue University
  • Caitlin Porter University of Memphis
  • Melissa Robertson Psychological Sciences, Purdue University (moving to University of Georgia in Fall 2023)
  • Louis Tay Psychological Sciences, Purdue University
  • Meredith Woehler Daniels School of Business, Purdue University
  • Research