Distinguished Purdue Alumni Scholars

MA8A1682-Edit.jpgThe 2023 Honorees were recognized at an awards program and reception on March 22, 2023.
The Office of the Provost in partnership with the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence considers nominations for the Annual Distinguished Purdue Alumni Scholars award to honor alumni who earned a Purdue doctorate, have made significant scholarly contributions to their respective academic communities, and in doing so have contributed extensively to the advancement of women in academia.
By recognizing academic alumni of distinction, we also acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of Purdue’s faculty to mentoring these successful scholars, and recognize Purdue’s role in diversifying university faculty across the nation. At the same time, we demonstrate to Purdue’s undergraduate and graduate students the many benefits of a Purdue graduate degree. The honorees are role models to all scholars in the making. 
The call for nominations for this award is typically made late in fall and the honoree/s is/are recognized at a reception in mid-spring. All alumni, regardless of sex, who meet the award criteria, including having made significant contributions to the advancement of women in academia, are eligible to be nominated for this award.