Mentoring Triads

The Butler Center is offering an updated mentoring program (called “Mentoring Triads”) that will replace the “Coaching & Resource Network (CRN)” program that started in Spring 2019 and concluded in Spring 2023. Instead of pairing assistant/associate professors with a full professor, this new structure will entail matching up an assistant professor with an associate professor and a full professor. The three individuals’ affiliations are to be with different departments (ideally with different colleges); as such, the program is intended to supplement and further support the existing mentoring programs run by individual units on campus (as well as those available outside of Purdue).
Within each triad, the assistant professor will be mentored by both the associate and the full professors; the associate professor will be mentoring the assistant professor while also being mentored by the full professor.
This new (pilot) program will run from early Spring 2024 through May 2025.

Who is it for?

All Purdue faculty, including tenure-track and non-tenure-track (e.g., clinical/professional professors; research professors) faculty, are eligible.

How does it work?

Each triad will commit to meeting together on a regular basis (e.g., twice a semester, once a month) as their schedules allow. In addition to the three-person meetings, the associate professor is encouraged to periodically check in with the assistant professor to have a one-on-one conversation, as well as the full professor with the associate and assistant professors separately. The goal here is for each individual to develop and establish a one-on-one connection with the other two in the triad, in addition to the triadic connection, over time.
To facilitate in-person interactions, the Butler Center will host a series of events that feature speed coaching and roundtable discussions on several key topics of interest (e.g., promotion & tenure; conflict management), which the Mentoring Triads program participants will be particularly encouraged to attend as a triad.
We are excited to share that 63 individuals have signed up to participate in this pilot program - 21 full professors, 19 associate professors, and 23 assistant professors.
The program was launched in early Spring 2024 and will run through May 2025. To accommodate newly promoted associate professors and incoming assistant professors (who are not currently part of the program), we are opening up a new application window during Summer 2024. The last day to sign up is August 31, 2024.

The matching process for new members will begin in early September. Those who sign up to be added to the program this summer will be notified with the matching results by no later than early October 2024. Please note that there is a chance that applicants will be added to a waitlist in case of discrepancies in number of professors in each category.

Full Professor Mentors

Dulcy Abraham | Ourania Andrisani | Elena Benedicto | Nikhilesh Chawla | Elena Coda | Candace Croney | Susanne Hambrusch | Birgit Kaufmann | Scott Lawrance | Chenell Loudermill | Maria Marshall | Lisa Mauer | Jennifer Richardson | Kavita Shah | Jenn Simpson | Eugene Spafford | Sunnie Lee Watson | Zach Weber | Ann Weil | Jen William | Christina Wilson-Frank