Meet the Director

Sang Eun Woo
Director, Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence
Visit Dr. Woo’s website HERE.
Sang Eun Woo is a Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. Dr. Woo’s substantive research so far has focused on how people’s personality and motivation can help explain various psychological phenomena in the workplace. Particular outcomes of interest include work attitudes, withdrawal behaviors, and interpersonal relationships.
Sang’s overall research program is motivated by her desire to understand, harness, and/or foster openness in academia as well as the rest of the world — openness to new ideas and experiences, to people with different opinions and cultural backgrounds, to important life lessons and opportunities for growth, and to novel and underutilized scientific methods in psychology. Her focal expertise lies in developing and validating techniques of measuring individual differences for various organizational and educational purposes, as well as in clarifying the theoretical underpinnings and implications of such techniques. Sang actively contributes to the international community of psychology and social sciences more broadly.
As the incoming director of the Butler Center, Sang is looking forward to utilizing her scientific expertise and professional experience to developing and supporting women academic leadership at Purdue.
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