Former Trustees

Name City Years Served
Thomas E. Spurgeon Peoria, IL 2005-2020
John D. Hardin, Jr. Danville, IN 1992-2016
Bruce W. White Chicago, IL 2011-2015
Keith J. Krach San Francisco, CA 2007-2013
Michael J. Birck Hinsdale, IL 1999-2013
Mamon M. Powers, Jr. Gary, IN 1996-2011
William Oesterle Indianapolis, IN 2005-2010
Susan B. Butler Tucson, AZ 2006-2009
J. Timothy McGinley Indianapolis, IN 1989-2009
Mark W. Townsend Hartford City, IN 2004-2007
Robert E. Peterson Rochester, IN 2003-2006
Barbara H. Edmondson Clayton, IN 1997-2006
John A. Edwardson Vernon Hills, IL  1995-2005
Lewis W. Essex Columbus, IN 1995-2005
W. Wayne Townsend Hartford City, IN 1989-2004
D. William Moreau Jr. Indianapolis, IN 1991-2003
Bob F. Jesse Fort Wayne, IN  1976-1999
Carol A. Ecker Granger, IN 1988-1997
Robert J. Taylor Indianapolis, IN 1990-1996
Byron L. Anderson West Lafayette, IN  1981-1995
Emerson Kampen West Lafayette, IN 1990-1995
John A. Stewart Greensburg, IN 1980-1992
Doris S. Ingle Evansville, IN 1982-1991
Richard Ringoen Muncie, IN 1984-1990
Donald S. Powers Schererville, IN 1975-1990
Henry C. Ryder Indianapolis, IN 1983-1989
Joseph S. Dawson Indianapolis, IN 1980-1989
Sherman O. Kessler New Ross, IN 1973-1988
Peter L. Roesner Red Bank, NJ  1978-1984
William H. Krieg Indianapolis, IN 1971-1983
Evelyn G. Rettinger Bourbon, IN 1973-1982
Reuben Wells Jeffersonville, IN 1875-1881
Robert E. Heine Indianapolis, IN 1968-1981
Thomas E. Graham Washington, IN 1968-1980
Maurice G. Knoy West Lafayette, IN 1965-1980
Richard M. Brumfield Princeton, IN 1963-1978
Walter W. Walb Fort Wayne, IN 1967-1976
William A. Hillenbrand Batesville, IN 1967-1975
Nancy Van Ness Myers Austin, TX 1970-1973
Guy H. Wilson Kokomo, IN 1944-1947, 1950-1956, 1958-1973
Aloysius J. Rumely, Jr. LaPorte, IN 1960-1963, 1965-1971
Margaret Z. White Covington, IN 1964-1970
Louis R. Lowe Indianapolis, IN 1966-1968
J. Ralph Thompson Seymour, IN 1941-1968
Alfred W. Kettler, Sr. Fort Wayne, IN 1949-1967
Claude R. Wickard Camden, IN 1963-1967
William A. Hanley Indianapolis, IN 1940-1966
James S. DeLaurier Hammond, IN 1956-1960, 1962-1965
V. Robert Dicken Marion, IN 1962-1965
Aneta B. Vogler Hope, IN 1961-1964
W. Hobart Creighton Warsaw, IN 1959-1962
Roger D. Branigin Lafayette, IN 1950-1955, 1959-1962
Hassil E. Schenck Lebanon, IN 1959-1960
J. Doxie Moore Indianapolis, IN 1957-1959
E. Joseph Bannon Lafayette, IN 1956-1959
William A. Atkins Indianapolis, IN 1958-1958
Bernice H. Brayton Indianapolis, IN 1955-1958
Charles J. Lynn Indianapolis, IN 1945-1958
Alfred J. McAllister Lafayette, IN 1955-1958
Thomas J. Morton, Jr. Newburgh, IN 1954-1956
Edward D. "Del" Anderson Hammond, IN 1951-1956
Anna R. Crooks Rockville, IN 1952-1955
Lothair Teetor Hagerstown, IN 1953-1954
Cornelius O'Brien Lawrenceburg, IN 1946-1953
Harriet B. Van Ness Valparaiso, IN 1946-1952
R. Hartley Sherwood Indianapolis, IN 1945-1951
J. Ward Calland Decatur, IN 1947-1950
Allison E. Stuart Lafayette, IN 1940-1950
Charles W. Cole, Sr. South Bend, IN 1943-1949
Kathryn McHale Logansport, IN 1937-1946
John Adam Hillenbrand Batesville, IN 1913-1946
Louis Ruthenberg Evansville, IN 1942-1945
Paul Bales Sturm Dana, IN 1938-1945
James W. Noel Indianapolis, IN 1917-1944
David Edward Ross Lafayette, IN 1921-1943
John Ward Wheeler Crown Point, IN 1937-1942
Palmer Ray Edgerton Jonesboro, IN 1924-1941
J. Emmett Hall Indianapolis, IN 1927-1940
Robert A. Simpson Vincennes, IN 1925-1940
Josiah Kirby Lilly Indianapolis, IN 1927-1938
James L. Kimbrough Muncie, IN 1924-1937
Virginia C. Meredith West Lafayette, IN 1921-1936
Henry Wright Marshall Lafayette, IN 1921-1927
Franklin Fay Chandler Lafayette, IN 1916-1927
Cyrus M. Hobbs Bridgeport, IN 1909-1925
Perry Howard Crane Boone County, IN 1921-1924
Joseph Doty Oliver South Bend, IN 1906-1924
L. Walter Breaks Crawfordsville, IN  1919-1921
Andrew E. Reynolds Crawfordsville, IN 1917-1921
William Vaughn Stuart Lafayette, IN 1899-1907, 1911-1917 & 1918-1921
John Isenbarger North Manchester, IN 1918-1921
Warren T. McCray Kentland, IN 1917-1918
George W. Purcell Vincennes, IN 1916-1918
Charles Downing Greenfield, IN 1899-1918
Samuel M. Foster Fort Wayne, IN 1911-1917
Royal E. Purcell Vincennes, IN 1911-1916
George Ade Brook, IN 1909-1916
Addison C. Harris Indianapolis, IN 1905-1916
Charles Major Shelbyville, IN 1902-1913
Andrew Addison Adams Columbia City, IN 1907-1911
George Andrew Jamison West Lafayette, IN 1907-1911
Henry Arlington Miller Montmorenci, IN 1906-1911
David E. Beem Spencer, IN 1891-1909
Sylvester Johnson Union County, IN 1891-1909
James M. Barrett Fort Wayne, IN 1895-1907
Christian B. Stemen Fort Wayne, IN 1901-1906
Job Haigh VanNatta Lafayette, IN 1894-1906
William Allen Banks Door Village, IN 1883-1904
William H. O'Brien Lawrenceburg, IN 1895-1902
Benjamin Harrison Indianapolis, IN 1895-1901
John S. Martin Brookville, IN 1896-1899
Charles Benedict Stuart Lafayette, IN 1885-1899
Jasper Newton Davidson Montgomery County, IN 1889-1895
Jasper M. Dresser Lafayette, IN 1892-1894
Ulrich Z. Wiley Fowler, IN 1890-1892
Addison Bybee Indianapolis, IN 1885-1891
Edwin Pollock Hammond Lafayette, IN 1889-1890
Samuel Hargrove Pike County, IN 1883-1889
Joseph E. Ratliff Richmond, IN 1875-1888
Alfred P. Edgerton Fort Wayne, IN 1881-1886
Charles R. Peddle Terre Haute, IN 1881-1884
John S. Williams Lafayette, IN 1879-1884
William Henry Ragan Clayton, IN 1881-1883 & 1888-1891
Jacob Mutz Edinburg, IN 1881-1882
John Colcord Dobelbower Lafayette, IN 1877-1881
Robert Patterson Haynes Daviess County, IN 1875-1881
John Sutherland LaPorte, IN 1871-1881
Mahlon Dickerson Manson Crawfordsville, IN 1875-1879
John Randolph Coffroth Lafayette, IN 1870-1877
John Purdue Lafayette, IN 1869-1876
Austin Bingley Claypool Connersville, IN 1874-1875
Thomas A. Hendricks Shelbyville, IN 1873-1875
Martin L. Peirce Lafayette, IN 1870-1875
John A. Stein Lafayette, IN 1870-1875
Benjamin Corey Shaw Indianapolis, IN 1874-1874
Luke Albert Burke New Harmony, IN 1871-1874
Horace G. Biddle Logansport, IN 1873-1873
Thomas Bowman Greencastle, IN 1870-1873
Conrad P. Baker Evansville, IN 1867-1873
Isaac DeGroff Nelson Fort Wayne, IN 1871-1872
Joseph F. Tuttle Crawfordsville, IN 1870-1870
Joseph F. Tuttle Crawfordsville, IN 1870-1870
Henry Taylor Lafayette, IN 1865-1870
Lewis Burk Richmond, IN 1865-1870
Isaac Jenkinson Fort Wayne, IN 1865-1870
Smith Vawter North Vernon, IN 1865-1870

Former Student Trustees

The 1975 General Assembly approved the addition of a student trustee on the Board of Trustees, to serve for a two-year period (July-June, unless otherwise noted).  The student trustee is appointed by the Governor.  Purdue’s former student trustees are:

Name Years Served
Daniel J. Romary 2017-2019
Cameron S. Mann 2015-2017
Kelsey E. Quin 2013-2015
Miranda A. McCormack 2011-2013
Tyler J. Teykl 2009-2011
Jill Steiner Zeller 2007-2009
Rachel N. Cumberbatch 2005-2007
Sarah L. Cusick Recio 2003-2005
Anna C. Day Dilger 2001-2003
Amanda S. Teder 1999-2001
Michael P. McKenna 1997-1999
Gina V. Shropshire* 1995-1997
Julie A. Eddleman* 1993-1995
Jody L. Banks Russell 1991-1993
Susan Haber Rowland 1989-1991
Peter W. Kingma 1987-1989
David E. Bokash* 1985-1987
Ben C. Huston 1983-1985
Donald H. Tiger 1981-1983
C. Russell Cox 1979-1981
Zara F. Rolfes Larsen 1977-1979
Larry D. Grieshaber* January 1976 to June 1977

*Graduate Student