Attending Meetings of the Board of Trustees

Welcome to the stated meeting of the Purdue University Board of Trustees. This meeting is held in accordance with Indiana’s Open Door Law, and members of the community are invited to attend.

The purpose of this meeting is to allow the Board to deliberate, take action on university business, and receive reports from university leaders who are on the scheduled agenda.

There is no public comment period scheduled for this meeting.

For individuals wishing to make their views known, the Board respects your right to express yourself. Purdue is a nationwide leader in terms of championing free speech.

But even our Statement of Freedom of Expression – Our version of the Chicago Principals – recognizes the reasonable regulation of time, place and manner of expressive activities. Such activities may not disrupt university functions, including this Board meeting.

Rules for Attendees

Permitted Activities:

• Observe all proceedings
• Take notes
• Hold signs not affixed to poles or sticks, as long as they do not obstruct the view of other
Signs must be held in your lap and cannot be propped or placed elsewhere in
   the meeting room
• Hold banners as long as they do not block free/open seating or obstruct the views of 
   other participants
• Hand out leaflets outside of the entrance to the meeting
• Demonstrate in a “public area” (i.e. outside the building of the meeting venue if the location
   is designated as a “public area” under university policy
• Sit in a non-reserved seat

You may not:

• Disrupt the meeting with noisemakers, demonstrations, chanting, or other similar disruptive
   noises or behaviors
• Obstruct the view of other participants with signs, banners, or other materials
• Block ingress and egress (access to the meeting room, hallways, exits, stairwells and other
   point of travel in the meeting room/building)
• Exceed room capacity or provisions for safe seating
• Place signs, posters, or other materials on the walls of the meeting room
• Stand in the meeting room (all guests must be seated in a chair)
• Interrupt the meeting at any point
• Rearrange the seating configuration of the meeting room
• Bring bags into the room (excluding media and university officials conducting business in   
  the meeting)

Purdue Use of Facilities (IV.B.1) defines “Public Areas” as “University Facilities open to orderly unsupervised access by faculty, staff, students and visitors, such as streets, sidewalks, lawn areas, malls and designated portions of some University buildings and recreation areas during regular business hours.”

Meeting Schedule