Attending Meetings of the Board of Trustees

Stated meetings of the Board of Trustees, including committee meetings, are open to the public.  

The purpose of these meetings is to allow the Board and its committees to deliberate and take action on university business and to receive reports from university leaders who have been scheduled on the agenda.  There is no public comment period.

Tickets are not required, and reservations are generally not necessary.*  Board meetings are well attended, and on occasion attendees may be asked to line up to enter the meeting room. They may also be asked to open bags for spot checks.

Rules for Attendees

You may

  • Observe all proceedings
  • Take notes
  • Hold signs that are not affixed to poles, sticks, etc.
  • Hand out leaflets outside the entrance to the meeting

You may not

  • Disrupt the meeting with noisemakers, demonstrations, or chanting
  • Block safe access to exits and entrances, hallways, etc.
  • Exceed room capacity or provisions for safe seating

Meeting Schedule