B012 Soft Materials


No eating or drinking. Three horizontal lines representing a sandwich alongside a cup with straw.
No Food or Drink

When hazardous materials are being handled in the lab, food and drink consumption is prohibited.

General prohibition sign. Red circle with diagonal slash.

No Lone Working

Users of the space must always have at least one buddy. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



Warning; Hot surface. Three parallel, vertical, s-shaped lines above a horizontal straight line.

Hot Surfaces

Steam iron will be hot during use.

Warning; Crushing of hands. Hand between two horizontal lines, vertical arrow pointing downwards.

Entanglement & Pinching

Sewing machines can pinch fingers between foot and base.

Warning; Sharp element. Bandaged hand above a vertical line with a point.

Sharp Objects

Knives, cutting tools, needles and pins are sharp.

Warning; Flammable material. Flame, horizontal line underneath.
Combustible & Flammable Materials 

Various glues, oils and industrial products.

Warning; Toxic material. Skull (outlined), behind it two crossed bones (outlined).
Poisonous Substances

Various glues, oils and industrial products.

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